you number1# fan......i LoVe you..... | Reviewer: loreli a. | 2/2/08

i love u wit all my heart!!!! i love your songs .i need help wit my voice mabey you should come to utah and help me just kidding!!!!me and you almost share the same b-day you were born on october 14 and i was born on october huh. why don't you come and visit. i would pay my life savings to just meet you.iLoVe u USHER!!!

I hope you kno that you are my biggest fan | Reviewer: Kourtney | 1/23/08

Hey! What's good? Me, nuthing in this klass writing you and whatever. Well, today we were suppose to be taking my first block exam but my teacher quit so we didn't have one. But I want you to know that I am sorry to hear about your father and if I had an way I would go to the funeral and just to know I am a big fan of you and I will keep you in my preyers. LOVE YA.

I am sorry about your father. | Reviewer: Kourtney | 1/23/08

I know your father has died and I am sorry to hear about that. I know deep inside you are sad but don't let that stop you. Just remember that he is in a better place and God is watching over him saying everything is alright. I know that he loves you because I love you and hope you know that I am a big fan of you and I will keep you in my preyers.
Nobody kam move the way you move and replace you either.

I love the guy's music | Reviewer: Ishuwa Iya | 12/1/07

I'm in love with the guy musi. it so awesome , it opens the heart.infact he is perfect i'm an upcomming musician who belives in hip-hop and r&b.

smh..... | Reviewer: Arielle | 11/1/07

yo usher my name is arielle n i used ta bya biggest fan n da world i still got all ya albums i listened 2 u since i wuz 7 yo u changed alot like wow i dnt knw wat ta say but da thingz love can make u do smh wish u da best of luck bye.....

just talk | Reviewer: jackie | 8/26/07

hey well i just got to say are u realli that stuck up i hop u not i think that if ur songs are realli true we have a lot in commen well besids the fact that u a big stare i love u and maby one day i will might u <hahaha in mii dreams lol>

you are ma only baby | Reviewer: Rebecca | 8/15/07

usher i love you and your everysingle song that you sing. i'm dying to meet you so much and i love !!!!!!!!!!!!!.. hope to meet with you soon

About the artist/band usher | Reviewer: Big Butty Judi | 7/17/07

ok usher let me tell you booooo you can sing and you can dance. but in that video same girl you just took it over with that SEXY voice. But i'am your num 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!

Hey when you gunna start singing again | Reviewer: tarah | 7/5/07

hey .. i was jsut woundering when you gunna star singing again and i think you should... because your AMEZING :)

i love you | Reviewer: dorothy | 6/20/07

hey usher i love you and your music is great good to listen to. why is it you never take a trip to our country in zimbabwe i would love it if you visit i tell you i can spend my fortune just to see you. i really love you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bedtime | Reviewer: todd galicia | 6/15/07

this song is good it allows everyone to be inspired...tanx to usher

emotions | Reviewer: lala | 5/18/07

usher u bring out great emotions in all ur songs i love every single n album u have bought out. i feel its different from the other songs n letting ur feelings out like dat is a hard thing to do, but u gotta do wot u gotta do without being afraid n thats wot i like. so therefore u r great u got a great voice n a smashin body n ur always outgion. love ya mwahhhh xxxxx

WOW | Reviewer: miimii | 5/10/07

ii think usher iisz very kool and cute 1 thiing ii want to say iisz hesz mine lolsz hesz mad ugly fuq him lolsz

My Future Husband And Alway's Will Be!!!! | Reviewer: Schwana Compton | 5/4/07

Usher you is my number1 in you will alway's be I love you to death I just love lookin at you it alway's briteTn up my day one day you is gonna be my lover that I can alway;s cherish

much love | Reviewer: trina moore | 4/26/07

hey whats up usher i love you do you think i uld ever have the chance to see you in real life your my frv singer