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Performed by Usher

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I LOVE IT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: thabang | 10/5/05

I love the song with the whole of me please ,please email me the lyrics so that i could be able to sing it.
make it today please.


what i think | Reviewer: Jess Cheung | 7/27/05

Usher is the best!! This song rulez!!!!! u really should listen to this tune if u havnt already!!!! Usher = The man! xx

HOLY MUTHA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/05

DIs song is the shizzness fo sho...Dis Song is always stuck in ma head..Man, usher is DOpe! They Did a hella good job on this track!
I can't get enough!!! Gimmie mO

wicked!! | Reviewer: carly | 4/1/05

I think the lovers and friends is a really nice song one of the best songs eva!

Lovers and Friends - OK! | Reviewer: Elliot | 1/28/05

Like buses you wait for ages then they all come along: with Mario's new tunes (Let me love you) and Lil Jon's tune "Lovers and Friends", we are about to enter a new era of slow jams. At last!

"Lovers and Friends" will be the tune of the year, and will hold it's place in history along side the likes of Keith Sweat, Jodeci, and Marvin Gaye, to name a few of the artists that paved the way of the slow jam

E+ | Reviewer: Taisia | 1/23/05

This song is, very, very, GREAT. Only of course, because of "my man" USHER. This song would be a song, but an ant without USHER. the rhymes, beat, the usher, and everything. Ya' the song, when i first had it into my ears. I knew it'll be hit. "Lovers & Friends" you get an E+, with me.


It's da bomb | Reviewer: Jasmine | 1/21/05

This is my song I think it's the best slow jam of 2005!

lovers and friends | Reviewer: Jackie Bullock | 1/13/05

i think its a great song. it is really easy to relate to. i wish that i could see it in concert. i am really glad the made that song. it put a new twist into the theme of usher lil jon and ludicris. i just think its a fantastic song. good job guys! :)

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