wonderful | Reviewer: Richie | 9/4/2008

This song helps me to ask the girls that i really want to ask them because most are just playing around with your emotions and i don't like that so I'll ask (them CAN YOU HELP ME TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME) that is my comment

Your the man! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/2008

usher did a great job in these song.. it really expresses his true love for the girl. my boyfriend somewhat sung this song for me.. my heart melts when i hear this song.

Hey boy | Reviewer: lilkey | 2/25/2007

hey usher it's your girl, I love this sometimes it makes me cry and I forget all my promblems.

usher at his finest | Reviewer: gordon | 5/6/2005

love this song just came across it by chance really good meaningful song and imo usher at his finest also loved his other songs let it burn and you got it bad but i much prefer this one best ive heard from him yet

AWESOME | Reviewer: Katt | 12/12/2004

I love this song! it touches my soul. i never really liked usher before i heared this song. USHER ROX!!!!