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Performed by Usher

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bessstt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/2008

Dammm. This song real talk styll the best, its deep an really hits yu if yer in a serius relationship, none of dat m.o.b shit or playa shit, keepin it a 100'd nigga, this shit solid. Love dis song, its for ma girll

Woooooooow | Reviewer: Patience | 9/25/2007

The first time i heard this song tears just fell out of my eyes. Then i saw Ushers live perfomance as he sang the song, my lord i love that song it makes me feel like Bedtime.

kedio | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/2007

its a good song for all the crazy lovers. it reminds me of my boyfriend everytime when im listening to it. usher u're the best.

Yup | Reviewer: tezuka | 8/4/2005

yup i agree wif her its a sweet song i listen to it mostly every day illest song

bedtime | Reviewer: melanie | 1/6/2005

i love this song as it is sooo sweet. it can be dirty in some parts but if you love usher the way i do then u wont care.

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