When the Sun Sleeps | Reviewer: Katie | 4/2/08

this may be one of the song from their first album, but it's still and amazing song. and if you think about it, all of their lyrics you an relate in some way to your own life. or so i've found out. so has my friend... love them! <3.

to the comment below mine | Reviewer: Evan | 3/2/08

Look on youtube, for Dallas Taylor interview part 1, (think its on part 4) the girl he is talking about in this song he is now married to, they kicked him out of the bang, and because he got kicked out, Dallas got back together with his girlfriend, who he is now married to, with a kid.

upset | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/08

they are amazing lyrics, but can you imagine how he must have been feeling when he wrote them, its not like breaking up with your girlfreind, imagine, if you have some body who you love more than anything you could ever dream of and your going to marry them and they die in a car accident that you caused, its unexplainable and i cant imagine how he must have felt, and then they go and kick him out of the band, bastards.

champion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/08

I love how underoath always, behind every one of their songs, thier is a meaning, i hate alot of songs which they just sing whateva they can think of . . whatever underoath sing means sumthing to them

Good song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

I like this song alot. Infact I didn't know they were a christian band till like 1 week ago. And me being totally anti-religious listening to a christian band is against what I don't believe in (kinda strange I know). But I like them anyhow. But unfortuanly they are quite depressing for me, since I can relate to some of the stuff they sing about. I can really relate to the song "Cries of the Past" (it might be called something different but thats the name I have) since I too lost a loved one in a car accident. But thems the brakes I guess.

underoath saved my life... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/08

in my time of depression, undoeroath gave me hope by sending out a message that made me realize that i've always had god watching over me and protecting me...without them, id probably have hurt myself

when the sun sleeps | Reviewer: Becky | 12/17/07

my ex boyfriend and i rocked out tothis song every day, and we tlaked about how this song got us over our ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends. then we broke up. this is such a powerful song, it helps me get over him. we're still friends. and to this day i still love him and i always will this song just re enforces thoes feelings.

i love underoath | Reviewer: mike | 11/23/07

this song amazes me!! the yrics are great and they have a rly deep meaning if u think about it..
not many christian bands are hardcore and im glad these guys are cuz they are like by far the best!!

when the sun sleeps | Reviewer: zach | 11/9/07

i have to admit this is probably the best song ever!!! it really makes you think whats most important. And its christian so it isnt like death meatal, just awesome music.

When the sun sleeps | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

Since this song is a chritian song I think its explaining how you need to let go of your boyfriend or girlfriend in order to get closer to God... it really helped me realize that. Praise Jesus!

Awesome | Reviewer: Joe | 10/10/07

I can't really explain how good these lyrics are and what they mean. When you read them you kinda get to thinkin about your friends (girlfriend, boyfriends, or just your friends In general) In a way that you never want to give them up. Or how much they mean to you.

when the sun sleeps | Reviewer: danielle | 9/27/07

this song is honestly my favorite song by them because it can just mean so much to like anyone who listens to it. im so pissed they dont play it at their shows anymore.

i thought you would come back | Reviewer: Micky | 9/15/07

this song is one of there bests i love there older stuff and there new stuff. This song makes me thing about when i was a kid on the farm and how much things have changed

...agreeing | Reviewer: CR7 | 9/12/07

found this song by chance (i was finding new bands)and it kinda blew me away..great voice
,lyrics&rythm..let me find out more about it...
and bizzzatch, dont mind...we┬┤ll always miss her (doesnt matter if HER name changes..there will always be a "she" to remember...its just the way we are...seems like we wont be perfect enough until we have HER...lol)

I love Underoath | Reviewer: Melissa | 8/26/07

I'm so glad underoath is a christian band who loves God. I love that there are hardcore bands out there who love sining about Him.