amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/09

God has blessed this band so much not just with the music but being able to change lives with one song.This band will never be forgotten.I have been christian all my life and this band has brought me closer to god and jesus in every way.I wish i can help my friends into christianity by this song but hey keep trying to escape but i bless them all

Jesus,I'm ready to come home... | Reviewer: Ash | 1/5/09

This song moves me so much. I want to cry everytime I listen to it. I've been living a life of sin and I've been feeling horrible and I just didn't know what to do. I randomly found this song and listened to it and it made me feel so much better and realize that even though I've done wrong it is not too late and that I will be forgiven. It's helping me make changes in my life for the better. God bless you all.

Controversial | Reviewer: Leland A. | 1/1/09

This song is obviously a take on jesus and religion, i don't really feel like getting into the specifics though.
But it also does remind me of somewhat of a love song, like getting a second chance, or fixing past mistakes in a relationship.
Thats why I love Underoath, ever song you can take multiple meanings from.

Angel? Oh, but so full of mercy anyway.. | Reviewer: Melissa! | 12/24/08

Oh goodness. (: I really do love this song. It's different, which I like. (: And shows that Christian music isn't always country or stuck in one genre.

The only part that I'm a bit controversial about is when it says,

"Oh sweet angel of mercy.."

I know he's talking about Jesus. But Jesus was not an angel, but Son of God.

If he meant this in a different way, then I'm sorry for bringing it up. :P I just felt like I needed to say that.

beautiful... | Reviewer: seven | 12/22/08

i will never know this song...thanks to my beloved cousin. he makes me love him so much.this song was and still is his outlet to forget and atleast ease the pain of having a broken family.a horible demon inside his dad. an ugly evil spirit in his elder brother who keeps on beating him up. JESUS WE'RE READY TO COME ...HOME.

could it have a double meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/08

Could this song have a double meaning?? it makes me thing of God, how no matter what my faults are, he'll love me. accept me for who I am.
But certain lines remind me of a past love of mine...they make me wonder if that's how he felt toward me. because he made me stronger, despite what happened, the fact that I learned to let go...I don't know, hmm. myabe it does... it could?
can sumone explain this to me a little more?

I love this song | Reviewer: Dustin | 12/11/08

I heard this song after really getting into underoath a little bit, and really i've never felt better and trusted in god as much as i do now because of this song. i love this song and for those who dont believe in god i will pray for you to find faith

wow. | Reviewer: Steve | 11/25/08

as a reply to your hardcore christian bands and make another song like this, there new CD has a song kinda like this that i like called, "too bright to see, too loud to hear". also, other other bands. Devil Wears Prada, Saosin, Demonhunter(has a great song that's quite with alot of meaning called deteriorate). that's really i got for "mainstream christian hardcore". but, to this song, this song changed my life the first time i heard it and it gave me shivers. it still does when the screaming part comes in at "home". so amazing...

Moving... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/08

It's funny how powerful this song is. I don't even consider myself Christian anymore but this song still really gets me at my core. The slow rising build up is fantastic and the powerful scream at "home" stabs the message home. It makes me sad when I listen to it, but I keep coming back since its such a wonderfully composed piece. Underoath is at their pinnacle with this song.

For the very hopeless... | Reviewer: Arieanne Pate | 11/20/08

This song hits me hard. The very first time I heard it, I immediately got on my knees and started crying hysterically and praying for love and forgiveness from the Lord. I knew He would, and always will be there for me, but I just had been ignoring Him. I have had problems with depression, alcohol, cutting and suicide for years, and never thought I would find healing in His very beautiful arms. Now Im helping others find God and start a new life. I can listen to this song a million times a day and each time grow more in love with it. It is so beautiful. If there are people like the "anonomous" people on here who have left comments screaming for help, contact me at or I can help you find a path to healing and find the light in God. No matter the problem, we will find you help. <3

Amazing | Reviewer: Ricky | 11/21/08

This song is just plain out the best song I have ever heard. This song changed my life completely. I listen to this song ever night right after I pray. Everytime I listen to this song I'm stunned. Underoath should difinitly make another song like this.

P.S. Does anyone know another hardcore Christian band like Underoath?

anonymous | Reviewer: constantine | 11/14/08

dude the guy who had that dream, dont let that hold you back. ignore what your parents are telling you. ask god into your heart and you will fill that empty gap. only he can make you full once again. bro my friend was in the same situtation and i told him that, only you and you alone are in charge of your future. dont let anyone tell you cant succeed. trust and God and all things will be fine. im not going to say it will be easy and that it you will immediately find success, but what i am saying it that you will find happiness and a meaning to your life in Jesus Christ. it might sound cliche but it is true i am a living proof of that statement. bro,hold in there and god will help you out!
go bless and your in my prayers..

This song makes me think; | Reviewer: Heather P. | 11/7/08

Even though it feels like Hes not there,
I know He is.
And when i feel heart break, when i feel this emptiness, that i feel so often,
I know He feels it to.
And one day,
I'll be sitting next to my King.
My Savior.

hey unloving, i will love you | Reviewer: nicole | 8/19/08

it makes me cry every time.
this song gives me faith and hope.
i dont know how to describe how much the message of this song means to me.
when i feel forgotten or depressed, He will always helps and loves me. this song reminds me of that.

underoath makes powerful music that everyone should listen too. they can heal you.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Steven | 8/9/08

i just wanna say that this song is unbelievable. i heard it straight after the impact of reason and couldnt believe it was the same band lol. this song is one of the things that brought me back towards god and although i don't believe in organised religion i know he's everywhere looking over us and pretecting us all for eternity this song should be heard by everyone and is the most beautiful song i have ever heard, bar none.