It's about Judas | Reviewer: . | 5/25/10

This song is about Judas the disciple. "I heard a voice..." that's talking about when people are seeing judas walk places and they're saying he's associated with Jesus and he denies Him. "and I swear..." this is Judas explaining to Jesus how he'd never betray Him. He'd always be true to Him. "here's my kiss..." after Judas is through explainig how he feleo loves Jesus, which means friendship love, when Jesus is asking if he agapeo loves Him, which is unconditionally. Judas was lying saying he'd never betray Jesus and he dis. Three times. "Jesus I'm ready..." judas committed suicide later because of what he had done. "oh sweet angel of mercy..." he's ready to go home to be with Jesus again. That's what this sing is about.

maybe both | Reviewer: X:60 | 11/29/09

ive listened to thi song a lot and i think its love song between u and christ. were the ungraceful unloving unfaithful. god will see us in the most tightly packed crowd, and he wants to teach us to be stronger against satan.

Hey, Unfaithful. | Reviewer: vivian | 9/27/09

I think that this song is pointing out all the flaws that we have as human beings. How we can never be perfect or worthy of anything apart from the love, faithfulness, and grace of God. Through experiencing these in the purity of Jesus, we can learn to live and express them in His likeness to others.

It's a personal relationship. As in, we all have our own cries for help, from our own mouths. Jesus is telling every one of us, "*I* will love, *you*" as a personal promise.

I think that every song we sing to Jesus should be considered a 'love song.' Afterall, isn't worshipping God the same as declaring our love for Him?

deeep | Reviewer: colette | 8/10/09

our minds might be to premitive to understand this song, but it is in a way a love song, but in a sence greater then us, how you can hate everything, and and no matter what, jesus and god will love you just for the fact you are there children. and it plays into jesus and his story, this song might not seem it on the outside, but it is verry, un, obselete

jesus, im ready to come home... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

i love this song and i dont really see why anyone is interpreting this song as a love song. it takes a pretty far stretch of mind to figure out how "sweet angel of mercy" and "grace like the morning" and most of all, "jesus im ready to come home" can fit into a love song. the band is Christian, so they could have ment it as a loe song, but not likely. thats just what makes sense to me. i absolutely LOVE this song, and is a really sweet song whichever way you look at it.

The structure of the song | Reviewer: Melissa! | 6/23/09

Personally, I feel like it's a religious song not just because they are a religious band, but BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE LYRICS SAY TO ME (so people need to understand that, songs have different meanings to everyone. {unless so blunt})


After reading the lyrics again, I feel like that there are 2 voices in the song: The sinner's and God's (from what I can see)

I find it really great, and I think I always will. (:

Jesus,I'm ready to come home... | Reviewer: jeffxprince | 6/23/09

Its all about christ and you, we are all the same! think of it, you will know the answer by only for yourself! have faith! have love! have peace! embraced yourself and Jesus Christ! "love one another and forgive one another"

YO | Reviewer: Shawn | 5/11/09

If you really wanna know what their songs mean, just ask them on myspace! by the way, the myspace they have was created by the band, so that means everything on there is 100% from the band and is all true according to underoath. so stop arguing, im religious, but i respect the other religions out there. i agree with reviewer "she". just because they are christian, doesnt mean that all their songs have religious meaning. underoath saya that religion is the backbone of their lives, not the backbone of their music! this song made me fall in love with this band! great song:)

Response | Reviewer: lynn | 5/4/09

It is about God, not a person. The part where he says, "I'm ready to come home" that means die and go to heaven. And the "wrap your loving arms around me" is a metaphor for feeling Gods love all around you in day to day life. . .not an actual person. .

Hey Unloving I will Love you | Reviewer: Valeria | 3/26/09

well this song to me means that God will forgive you no matter what if you are uncaring he will still care for you if you are ungrateful he will still love you no matter what. no matter what wrong you do in life God will always forgive you. By letting God into your life he will teach you to be stronger braver and to forgive each other like he forgives us for our sins. :]

Song | Reviewer: She | 3/25/09

Honestly, I know where u guys are getting at when u think it could be a religious song because it has some refrences to the holy spirit and 'angel of mercy.' But, it sounds more of a love song to me.
When he refers to the unfaithful, and ungraceful, and unloving, i think he is clearly talking about someone That doesnt have faith in christ and he wants to help them through it, and teach them how to live and love, hence the chorus.
And, I dont think he is actually talking about christ when he says 'sweet angel of mercy.' but i think he is just referring to one of the angels of god none-the-less. I think he does this to have support from that angel to have the ability to teach that person to love, thats why he says 'wrap ur loving arms around me', because he wants to have the support he can to try and give it back to the girl he refers to in this song.
Then at the end when he does say to jesus, "im ready to come home," Im not really sure why he says that to be honest. lol im not the best interpreter.
but, yeah, i think this was more of a love song and how he wants to teach this girl how to love christ and himself and how to be faithful towards god and yeah, i think this is a really beautiful song and u could get out a lot from it.

possible answers | Reviewer: adam | 3/24/09

i havent talked to underoath, so i cant say what the song does or doesnt mean, but from what i know about having a relationship with Christ, and from knowing that the members of underoath profess to have one as well, this would be my opinion. the reason it seems to remind people of lost loves is because God uses our earthly relationships to reflect His love for us. i believe he is sad because he is singing about the remorse of failing to show love back to a God who loves us without condition through the sin in our lives. As for the part about the angel of mercy my best guess is that it has to do with something like Old Testament references of the Angel of the Lord which seems to be a type of physical incarnation of Jesus before His actual birth. just my thoughts for what they are worth.

beautiful song! | Reviewer: vain | 3/1/09

guys we can't know for sure what they meant with these lyrics, yes it can be related to God or a love lost in time, it depends on us how we accept it, besides we can accept it differently in different stages of our lives, so the important thing is the song's influence on us. everyone will find his own meaning in it and have a different interpretation

And i saw one gaze frozen in time | Reviewer: Evan | 2/27/09

i dont understand how so many people can misconstrue this song.. yes is has a religious undertone, and yes this is a christian Hardcore band, but how can everyone be so blind that this is a cry out to someone he once(or still) loves. i can hear the pain in his voice when he sings this song.
the point to this song is to show the listeners that love is a very human emotion and that it is not always a happy ending, but sometimes can be one of the most devastating emotions we have inside us. The fact that the love is not returned to him is one of the saddest things in the world...

Sweet song | Reviewer: Mat | 2/23/09

this song is about judas' betrayal of Christ, with the chorus as a theoretical message of what Jesus would have said to Judas after his betrayal. of course, that's not the only way to look at it...if you find meaning in it another way then the song is just as effective.