o ride | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/07

this song kicks ass and i try to listen to eat around 5 times a week

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

i love copeland.
and underoath.

dudde taht is one good combination.
i absoulutely love this song.

wow. | Reviewer: ; | 6/9/07

this song is amazinngg<3
its not like underoath, but its probably one of their besstt songss
i never listened to it much
till a couple of weeks ago

this is amazing | Reviewer: wow | 6/9/07

underoath was good to begin with but wow i never expected something this amazing
this is the best song ever made

Calms everything down.. | Reviewer: Leescha | 6/10/07

songs like this one are very hard to find, i've found a few that just makes me feel so good, calmed down and just fills my head with good thoughts. undoubtedly beautiful.

I Will Love You | Reviewer: Amanda | 5/29/07

: ) I'm not religious, but I think this song is wonderful. I was attached to it before I even knew fully what they were trying to say and even if I know now, it's still ever more beutiful. The lyrics and the singer were great.

Actually. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

The singer of Copeland doesn't sing this song. Spencer does every bit of vocals. That's why it's so different. Yeah I bet no one thought Spencer could actually sing. Well here's your proof.

amazing | Reviewer: celia | 5/13/07

i love this song. its not what you would expect from underoath, or i wouldn't. its just simply wonderful.

This song.... | Reviewer: Danielle | 5/8/07

I really love this song.
It makes me cry. Makes me think.

sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/07

beautiful lyrics from a pretty good band even though the only cd by them that i could get into was the "thereonlychasingsaftey" one but yeah i love it how it just goes into scream-o suddenly at the end probably my favourite part

dumb... | Reviewer: Chris | 4/28/07

ok if yall dont already know... Underoath is a Christian band and u ppl saying un-Underoath ummm sry to break it to u but that is soo underoath cause thats just how underoath is so please know what ur talking about before u post stuff

Rocks | Reviewer: adrian | 4/24/07

god this song is so freakin awesome the song is just so soft and at the end it turns all screamo and it just goes together so perfectly and also this song brings back so much memories LOVE IT

Kayce</3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/07

Underoath is my favorite band no comptetion.
This song is not unlike underoath its just a different side of them.

Its amazing like every other song of theres.
&& I like "thinking" to this song about EVERYTHING!

Thanx underoath for being there..your great<3

<3 | Reviewer: Allie | 2/23/07

this song is one of my all time favorite songs. one of my close friends ryan sent it to me. it reminds me of him because it's beautiful and it has such beautiful meaning behind it, like he does.

rest in pease. | Reviewer: Danii Diane | 2/23/07

this song makes me cry alot. because it was played at john's funeral one year ago today. yeah. it sucks because i miss him alot.