yes, believe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/08

i dont know if u will read this, delilah, but Jesus IS God. God IS Jesus. they are 2 of the 3 persons in the Trinity. Its unfortunate that in todays day and age, most people, Catholics especially, are not dedicated to the faith. I, being a Catholic realize this more than alot of people. I just recently received the sacrament of Confirmation and i noticed how many people were not ready to receive it and did not know the true importance, strength, and POWER of that sacrament. People like the ones in Underoath may be the people we need to restore this generation to faith. But if you, any of you, are looking for something to believe in, try attending a sunday mass or picking up the bible and reading the new testament. You MAY find what you are looking for. I cannot tell you that you are wrong not to believe in Jesus as Lord, but i can urge you to change the way you think in faith.
God bless.

Love this song | Reviewer: Kenny | 1/5/08

This is the song that got me hooked on underoath, this song usaly makes me think about my.. well ex-girlfriend now... but it also makes me think of Gods voice and how he loves us and how we should love others.

For anonymous 12/5/2007 | Reviewer: Ashley | 1/3/08

God, Is the feeling you get when you listen to this song. A feeling that is inside of you when you least expect a tear to fall of inspiration. You have god, The proof is in your post. Science or no science. God is faith, Somthing science lacks, the sence of moral standing, And the all around sence of LOVE. The lyrics are the explaination, and practically saying what god is saying to everyone that believes or does not believe.

"Heres my kiss to betray" I feel that line is portraying the gift of life God gave us all. And he knows we will sin But "Hey Unfaithful I will Teach you to be stronger" "Hey unloving I will love you" Are very strong lines aswell. Portraying no matter what, you are Gods child and as you and I, our parents forgave us and taught us right from wrong. It is our Father Gods Duty to Forgive and Teach us.

If you need understanding You should just give the bible a try...
Start in the new testament it is far more easier to read.. Not only that but you may even try a starter bible or a teen bible they are much literal.

A voice through the discord | Reviewer: Espri | 12/30/07

I adore this song. It's a great way to end the album and the lyrics are so straightforward and touching. I'm amazed when I read the comments left by you other's evident that this song is totally moving to(and in) you and me. God definitely has His way of speaking to us--this song is definitely a venue. To the posters who felt something that made them second-guess themselves and their beliefs (i.e. 'Anonymous' on 12/5/07): that isn't coincidence. It's no accident that you listened to this song at this point in your lifetime. God is real. And He is speaking. "Hey unloving, I will love you...I will love you...I will love you..." Like Uriah, my email is available.

adafafaf | Reviewer: NikoundeRoath fan | 12/14/07

OMG, I loe this song so much... It's just like my life, my girlfriend was unfaithful, and snow nobody loves me. Det är det " Hey unloving, I will love you" that always makes me cry ...

WOWZA | Reviewer: victoria | 12/12/07

Well, im glad to see im not the only one seriously in love with this song... its i don't know, everything everyone else said.... ya know?? lol

wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

this is quite amazing in every aspect. im christain. its kinda funny though cause my pastor at my church just got done doing a sermon on how we God's voice wont be loud unless you're really listening to it. and when i read that line, "and i swear i'll know your face in the crowd and i'll hear your voice so loud
when you're whispering" it just clicked. God is good (:

Help | Reviewer: Uriah | 12/8/07

I would love to talk with you about the lyrics, what they mean, God, etc. Feel free to send me an email and I will get you my phone number.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

I am not a religious person only because I really can’t understand it.... but correct me if I’m wrong that this song really brings out some unexplainable emotion in you that really makes people like myself that don’t believe in religion question themselves because of how mush emotional power these lyrics have on me. I am not a person to shed tears and am also someone who has dealt with many hardships in his for a simple song to have so much power over my emotions really makes me think???? Comments on my opinion would really help me out .. (Also if anyone can help me with believing in…((understanding)) God or religion because from the bottom of my heart I cannot truthfully get myself to actually comprehend intangible human opinions and observations explaining how God and religion are true. I have a strong knowledge in science and I feel this makes it all the more difficult. HELP!

believe or not? | Reviewer: delilah | 11/12/07

this song is wonderful...i don't know the words to describe the feelings it leaves me...i would like to believe in something as they makes me wonder if i'm right don't believe in jesus, maybe i'm wrong...

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: crybaby18 | 11/9/07

this is by far my favorite song... it's amazing i can play a million fricken times and it never gets old. I LOVE UNDEROATH THEY ARE AMAZING!!! AND I'M IN LOVE WITH AARON GILLESPIE!!!!!

i will love you | Reviewer: Francesca | 11/7/07

i've always loved Underoath, from the moment i first listened to their song "A boy brushed red..."
and this song only verifies the reason i love them.

i'm not a christian, and i don't believe in god, or atleast not now. but i find this song inspiring.
i'm spiritual, not religious.
and i absolutely love it. <3

splendid | Reviewer: miranda | 11/5/07

i started lsitening to this song today and i was like WOW! .. it made me quite speechless.. but it made me like ..idk belive in God more than ever.. well even though i dont think underoath will read this but i wanna say thankx for this beautiful song EVER... and my mom thought the rock i listen to is satanic.. ima make sure she reads these lyrics!

OMgoodness | Reviewer: crissy | 10/22/07

I love this song. Right at the end, when they do the breakdown, you can't help but tear up. Amazing guys.

WOW! | Reviewer: iLoveJesus | 10/15/07

This song has so much meaning. It gives me this determined feeling, and inspires me to do good. Thanks for the most gorgeous song ever written Underoath.