Dear Matthew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/08

I dont know how long ago you posted your reveiw and i dont know if you will ever read this but you need to know that killing yourself and doing drugs arent the way out of what your going through.God is.And i dont know if you already believe in God or not but Jesus died on the cross for you so you wouldnt have to feel like this.Ive been through depresion and thought about killing myself too.But God saved me from all of that.If you havent already all you need to do is give your life to Christ and trust him to take care of you and i promise you wont regret it.Good luck and God bless you.
My prayers will be with you.

Amazing song's underoath is great :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/08

This song is amazing i absalutly love it 'brush the lips of grace' that is soo meaningfull im in love with this song and i could listen to it for an eternity :) im sorry to hear about all the people wanting to run away from god and wanting to kill themselves but listen to me

God has a plan for u whether you believe me or not..U can disagree and swear at me in your review but i dont really care try god just once you wont regret it..i swear on it |||

SCARED | Reviewer: mathew | 6/19/08

i shake and cry at nite and cant sleep, i dont know why i do it, sometimes i even fell like killing myself. when i wake im fine and wonder why i cried and then the next nite do it all over.
can anybody help me with my problem.
i have tryed drugs this year but dont do it very often.

some kind of response to "anonymous" | Reviewer: Skip | 5/30/08

Hey i heard this song for first time last nite so i'm still looking into lyrics. But my heart dropped when i read your message. I can't imagine what it is for ur parents to think that of you. But i believe this song is so powerful because it is speaking of the fact we are all cursed, in the sense that all human race is fallen and depraved; we've all rejectged God. Yet at the exact moment when our backs our turned and we've made our "kiss to betray", God for some reason looks on us with love and says "I want them. I'll adopt them." And he makes us clean by the cross and embraces us even tho we're so dirty. He came after us. Can there be any greater love, that says "I love you" with absolutely no strings attatched. We don't work our way back to God, cause he already came to us and all we can do is believe and accept his love. So i know you said you were trying to escape from God, but i'd encourage you to read the prodigal son and see how, as he's making his way back to his father, "his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. "

I know your goin thru your own hell right now. But i believe this is why there is reason for hope. Because he's calling us to come home. Our real home, not this earthly mess.

instant message me if u want: MyDawgSkipS
I'll pray for ya.

Nightmare. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

I've been trying to escape from God, for so long.. and im going to run away in 22 days. And my mom and dad have cursed me for life. Even thought they don't know. They told me "You won't ever succeed", "you'll struggle all your life" "You'll regret it" Without even knowing what i'm going through. I had a dream of a man in golden asking me to look into a Golden Paper and tell me "I won't ever see my father's grave" and Curse me for life.. I'm struggling for the meaning. But deep inside im so empty. i've been depressed for so long. If someone can please help me..with this.. And how this relates to this song is. I've been trying to escape. And im going to escape. But i think i've been cursed. Someone please tell me what it means..

Suicide: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/08

A friend of mine committed suicide.
This song reminds me of the situation.
It makes me cry,
But also gives me faith that there is a Heaven, and one day her and her loved ones will be reunited.
RIP Baby Girl.

i am amazed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

not a fan of underoath, cz most of their songs are to 'hard',, i cant really accept screamo.. but this is.... beyond amazing,,

taking from judas's point of view.
and how Gos respond is this way:
Hey Unfaithful
Hey Ungraceful
Hey Unloving
I will love you
Hey Unloving
I will love you

how's that?

And Jesus I'm ready to come home | Reviewer: Ruan | 4/14/08

I don't know how to describe this's amazing this part...I LOVE JESUS !!!

"And Jesus I'm ready to come home
Jesus, I'm ready to come home(home)"

Wish Underoath could release another song where they praise God

i'm unfaithful; i'm ungraceful; i'm unloving | Reviewer: melinda | 4/9/08

i'm broken today
and this picks me up and takes me to the cross

i'm so fucking broken.
but God's so good beyond that.
he can fix humpty dumpty

and he can fix me, if i stay there long enough without making a mess of trying to put things together myself.

Awesome song!!! | Reviewer: underOATH pwns bad | 4/2/08

oh man! this song is fucking AMAZING!! i became a christian when i heard it. the fact that they sing really emphasizes that they love God. i think they got someone from Copeland to sing with them. amazing song!

this song is so meaninful.. | Reviewer: corey | 3/29/08

And I swear I'll know your face in the crowd
And I'll hear your voice so loud
When you're whispering

I think those lines are just explaining the god will always answer your prayers and that he does receive them and will not let them go, whether you are whispering a prayer or saying it aloud in a church he will hear you.

so touching and im not that all religous | Reviewer: daniel spencer | 3/26/08

im not really religous ive gone to church once and got bored i believe in jesus but i dont worship him but this song makes me almost depressed i read a post by jon called y this song makes people cry and im sitting in class rate now and i almost break down crying because i read the lyrics while i was listening to the song on my mp3 read that post and it made me think because me and my parents dont get along at all and when we do its because they need or want something from me so i agree with jon this song touches people because they feel abandond.

amazing. | Reviewer: anonomys. | 3/26/08

This song is amazing. It gets to you. God is real. He's the creator of Earth and The Living on it. He made each and everyone of us specially out of his love. True faith is having him in your heart and believing in him with everything you have. He may not show it in this life but it will be in your next if you keep your faith. This song shows his love will never fail for you and if someone isn't there to help you he will keep you up. He works in mysterious ways.

-God Bless All.

makes you think right? | Reviewer: kel | 3/25/08

this song is beautiful,
Hey unloving, I will love you.

That is exactly how God feels about us. He created us out of love, and with the purpose to LOVE.
If you think God is all about religion, he's not. He loves you, and wants you to know him, and have a friendship with him.

We are created so broken,

do you know that empty space inside of you?
that nothing seems to feel?

God fills that.

"God is love."

Why does this song make people cry? | Reviewer: Jon | 3/24/08

Why does this song make people cry? What makes this song so meaningful to people and their lives? Is it because our families fail us or is it because our loved ones fail us? I believe so. The One and the only Person who does not fail us, nor does He let go, is God. He is the protector, comforter, lover, and Savior. He never lets go, will always be there and He never lets go.