love it = ) | Reviewer: amanda dawn | 11/22/2008

this is from the album "they're only chasing safety" the new album, is amazing but like the person below me said, they're only chasing safety was one of if not THE best album they put out.

this band... amazing

Aesthetic! | Reviewer: JesseCrimson | 4/30/2007

Simply amazing...I doubt there could be a greater album than "They're Only Chasing Safety"

new album? | Reviewer: avaa. | 3/21/2007

this song wasn't on the new album.
it was on the re-release of "they're only chasing safety"

this is a new song | Reviewer: Kevin | 12/2/2005

"I've got 10 friends and a Crow Bar that says you ain't gonna do jack" is from the new UnderOath album that should be coming out sometime next year!

the greatness of underoath | Reviewer: jack | 8/23/2005

well, this song is... "AMAZINGLY SPECTACULAR", I WISH THAT I KNEW WHAT ALBUM ITS OFF OF!!! Mabey it's a single from a new album coming out.
That would be awsome . If Underoath is reading this good luck, you guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!