not true | Reviewer: matt | 1/1/13

Read the song. He's searching for gods voice but his ears are tired of trying to hear. He's willing to try his best but in the end he knows he's defeated. And although everything seems ok he's a lifeless empty shell.There's enough time and he still has hope if someone will lend him a hand. But he will try on his on. This song is talking about his addiction and the constant search for deliverance from god.

Great song Great band I love Jesus | Reviewer: Bleach | 12/2/10

I really enjoy this song because it speaks about overcoming persecution and enduring life. "I'll sing this to the end and watch the waves crash over me." Life is really short and hard, but with Jesus in your life, you can overcome the battles you face through Jesus Christ. I love this band. Thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to listen to their songs.

Wow.. | Reviewer: Gabe | 9/22/10

You can't look at the full meaning of the song without music.. It honestly makes me think of my relationship with my Father (Addicted to Methamphetamine) and the events during my devolloping afterwards (Failed relationships for my mum, homelessness, school and my mum battling Cancer.) I had also been diagnosed with a false disease (Aspergers Syndrome) that everyone held against me for something I never really had. Nobody truly believes me but my girl, god fucking bless her.

Maybe you think differently, but it's my way of perceiving it..

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Joey | 7/25/10

I see I am far too late for this post, and somewhat doubt the previous posters will even see it, however I felt something needs to be said here which hasn't been. This song, musically, is clearly a follow up to 'Returning Empty Handed', they lead directly into each other, carry the same key, a break in the tempo at first, but it eventually returns, and many of the same guitar riffs are used in both songs. That being said, I believe that the lyrical composition of both works go hand in hand as well. In 'Returning Empty Handed' the lyrics are about him being led through a dream that seems to be showing him how empty and redundant his life is, he shows very clear signs of humbleness towards whom can be assumed to be God. in the transition of the two songs he awakens, and reflects upon his dream in 'Casting Such a Thin Shadow', a recognition of his shallow and meaningless life, yet a positive promise to turn it all around.

I'm a little late on all reviews, as its been around five years since this album even came out, but I feel these two songs are very easily two of the best, from a band who has continuously been ground-breaking in their genre. Great Work Underoath.

I'll Cast a Shadow | Reviewer: Ryan Ainsworth | 6/22/10

This is such a great song. It may not have many lyrics but I believe they speak very loudly. I definitely agree with Tyler on what the meaning of this song is. I too believe that it is about someone living a pretty decent life without GOD in their heart. He/She then comes to realize they are living in an empty and vague place without GOD. GOD will give you the perfect life, if you accept HIM into it.

-- Bianca | Reviewer: bianca | 9/26/09

Underoath is the greatest band i know, I love their more emotional songs like Salmarnir and Casting Such a Thing Shadow, this song definitely made me cry one night as I was just sitting by myself listening to it and staring out the window. Thankyou Underoath, your music is amazing :)

Great Song | Reviewer: Tyler | 8/31/08

I honestly believe this is a song about someone who leads a great life without God in it, yet they feel the emptiness of not having Him in their life.

I think it's shown in the lyric "I can still stand if you lend the hand to brace me ".

RAWR | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/08

i think this song is about a person whose life is okay and theres nothing to complain about. yet he still feels that theres something missing inside him. "not too much to overcome but with enough time to turn it all around" theres not much in his life that he has to over come but he has enough time in his life bkoz hes young to turn it all around.

Underoath is my life.

Good song | Reviewer: Clint | 1/14/08

Not 100% sure what this song is about, perhaps about when things are hard dont give up? anyone want to collaberate on this?

Great song tho. love underoath

hey underoath | Reviewer: jian | 11/14/07

your songs are so great to my hearings because you easily knew what is the great attitude that the people had,i am your number one fan