a great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/10

abortion is murder. just the way it is. the fewest abortions are actually for rape babies. but regardless of your belief, it takes some God-power to speak out this strongly against something that has been pretty well accepted in our culture. big props to em.

@Reviewer: this/song/is/stupid | Reviewer: Hyper | 6/6/10

I'm pretty sure they underoath understand how some women have to abort their babies because otherwise they'd have to give them away, but this song isn't about those women at all.
It's about randoms who have sex for pleasure and concive by coincidence, or people who do it carelessly and concive, or whatever.

Pathetic | Reviewer: Josh | 5/24/10

yep "should have thought about it before having sex"
it's as fucking simple as that. There are no logical counter arguments to that aside from the person wanting to abort a rape baby. NONE. Sex without proper protection can = baby. If you're not willing to deal with a child don't take the risk. If you use protection and it's an accident, then you shouldn't have had sex at all until you were ready and willing. It's not the child's fault you were too horny and too weak willed to wait for someone you truly loved and allowed you to support a child - NO EXCUSE, simply pathetic.

this song is rediculous. | Reviewer: this/song/is/stupid | 5/16/10

everyone needs to get the fuck over it.
some mothers have no choice but to give up their child. its either keep it and be forced to give them up to a foster home where theyre either abused daily and/or felt like they didnt matter enough to their biological parents; or one could kill it and let god give that gift to someone who can actually take care of it and give it good life. anyways, i really do like underoath but this song is written by a bunch of men who have no idea what its like to make that sort of decision. some people have no choice.

strong lyric | Reviewer: Kevin | 1/21/10

I love this band cuz it's so perfect the way they caracterize and describe all the damn people, society are causing to the God's laws, and to the discernation of the Lord's creation. And Dallas is right when he fucking says "...you should of thought about the baby before you had sex".

think before you do it. | Reviewer: Hawk | 9/29/07

everyone should think about that line "what if YOU were aborted?... you could have never had life..."

awesome | Reviewer: andrea | 9/3/06

i love this band...and this song is just amazing..its so expressive...... in the words of me ''its better than a razor blade''