Pretty epic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/13

This is one dramatic song. Not that I'm complaining! Dramatic music is the best in my opinion! It conveys so much emotion, feeling, and really helps in communicating the message. I think the song is about Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D), however, I believe the lyrics are purposely written to be able to carry multiple meanings. I see a call to repentance as well. I even see a man in the middle of a personal disaster. There are many interpretations.

Underoath. | Reviewer: Anon | 10/21/10

@ryan ainsworth You're a Christian and you're calling people weird? kind of a bad representation, don't you think? I'm a Christian, and I'm fuckin weird, so what does it matter? we're all people and you should respect that.

on another note, this song is fantastic. This is one of the first songs I heard by Underoath, and I was going through a really hard time in my life and I felt like everyone was after me, the world was closing in on me and I had no escape. this song kind of verbalized that, and I started listening to Underoath more and discovered the message of their music and just their amazing testimonies, and have been a fan ever since. CANT WAIT FOR DISAMBIGUATION!!!!

Underoath "FANS" are very strange.... | Reviewer: Ryan Ainsworth | 5/23/10

Wow... you people freak me out, but it's pretty freaking cool. I am really in tune with Underoath's music and I like the messages because I am a devoted CHRISTIAN. Great song and band......but weird "FANS!"

mhm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

underoath is def one of my favorite bands. their music sounds amazing and is so well put together and their vocals fuck theyre so good, i didnt even listen to hardcore or posthardcore until i was introduced to these guys. i just kinda wish their music wasnt fueled by god and shit like that, kind of a turn off, not that im irreligious or anything, not that it matters, guess they wouldnt be as sick as they are if it hadnt been for their religious shit

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/08

The song A Moment Suspended In Time is about Generalized Anxiety Disorder.Aaron in Underoath is one of them. People with G.A.D suffer from anxiety attacks which can last for varying amounts of time. People suffering from anxiety attacks generally feel suffocated and like everything is closing in around them which is where lyrics such as "No time to talk, No time to talk, you know the drill,Under my desk this can't be it" which is what some people do until it passes or the lines "I can’t believe how it feels,To stand here in this room,And feel like it’s going to blow,I think we’re all going to blow".In the July 2006 edition of AP magazine,Aaron is interviewed about which song he feels the most connected to, here's what he said:

"Track two," A Moment Suspended In Time," is real personal for me. It talks about the end of the world and freaking out and anxiety- the false end of the world. I have GAD-Generalized Anxiety Disorder- I have it so bad that I feel I'm having a heart attack. And it'll last for weeks sometimes- like,my chest hurts. And you go to the doctor, and it's just like, "you're freaking out, calm down, it's your subconscious." So, for me, alot has to do with the space inside your head"

my interpretation | Reviewer: Dj Ride | 9/1/08

Everyone has an idea about this song, but from what I've read, no one has the same idea as me. I think the song is about a dude thats being held prisoner in a dark wet hole, and then wakes up under his desk. "It’s so funny how we see things so clear
When we have no time Left to live" The point of the song is that you never realize a lot of things until your about to die. And partially that he doesn't want to leave the hole because he was secure in what he had realized in the dream, so he says please don't wake me up.

=] | Reviewer: James | 8/23/08

i love underOATH
this song has a very strong meaning.
to me, this song is about how you can't escape your fate and how everything happends for a reason.

"Held captive, I’m a prisoner
In the back room where the water leaks and I’m oh, so cold
Command me on what to do, but we both know that neither you or I
Are in control"

i think that means that its your fate, and its meant to be and that god can't change it

overall, i love underOATH and their music
and i love the messages that the songs hold

As rude as he was about it...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/07

That anon fellow back there is right. I've downloaded both of the more recent albums from Underoath (mainly cuz im poor and I love underoath but can't really afford to buy CD's all over the place) and have found out that the song titles have been confused. I downloaded "Moving for the Sake of Motion" under the name of "Writing on the Walls" for example, and I've downloaded "There is Nothing After This" labeled as "A Moment Suspended In Time".

i think.... | Reviewer: zach | 11/9/07

i think its about thinking about your life and who really matters most, if u hav n otime left to live and you had to think about what matters most, like God, why wouldn't you now? When all is said and done where will u stand when u think what matters in life girlfriends, boyfriends, frends? How bout the one that cared first? sooo I think It is trying to get across the fac tthat you think that theres always time to repent and ask the Lord as your svior but when the time comes and all is over hav you done what a true soldier of christ wants or are you just one who pronounces your a christian and as soon as that mask of holiness falls off you are liek everyone else? THink if you had no time left to live what matters? And al lthat does is tha tyou serverd God and the gates of heaven will open up to you and you will finally know why you tryed so hard to care, not to fall...

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/07

i love underoath and always have. by far the best band ever. the lyrics for every song are amazing. oh and someone asked what this song was about, its basicly talkin bout the end of the world i think.

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Jess | 9/13/07

They're songs are mind blowing. The lyrics, instruments, the style in which they sing... the melody. Frickin GENIUS!

FUCk | Reviewer: anonoemus | 7/27/07

amazing song i like 'there could be nothing after this' more however but still Underoath are a FUCKING AWESOME BAND I LOVE THEIR MUSIC SO FUCKING GREAT. and its so fkng true all those underoath fans woo yes i love u to cos we all love them.

peace everyone. xx

whats it about? | Reviewer: ryan | 6/29/07

man i love this band,a moment suspended in time is my faveroute song of thiers,only thing is i dont know what its one got any ideas???ive listened to it so many times and i cant work it out.i have a rare comprehension disability...

this song is not Writing On The Walls | Reviewer: Zach | 6/29/07

i was just about to say what Bridget said until i read her review, but this is definitely a moment suspended in time. check there purevolume :]

right lyrics | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/30/07

For all you dumb asses who are saying these are they wrong lyrics they are not. These are the correct lyrics. You think just cuz its not like that on your limewire or ares its wrong. Well i paid for my music from the band. And I have it right. Im pretty sure the band didnt get it wrong. Do some research before you go out saying bulshit. you fucking idiots!!