forgive them | Reviewer: Misha Bodnar | 8/12/09

thank you guys for burning beds in sb!
otherwise it would be ,toad and dish,.
I'm still pissed you took my cello solo
out of Cats .. ,not like it would sound
better,just,you took up so much of my
time ,and gave me $20!And Cordell,I just
saw Karen walking the streets of Goleta.
She did not look happy,and left your kid
on the side of the road.
Jossepi's Wedding Band

fuckin legend' | Reviewer: ailbhe mcfarland smith | 7/19/07

i think the band 'ugly kid joe' is brilliant! i haven't heard all of the work, but am working through it like there is no 2morrzies! i love their music... and their style! the humour is just plain fun, which makes me and my friends want 2 jump into bed with any1 in the band! whitfield crane is just *hot* and the rest aren't bad either! they better keep up with the good/hot/funny work! your growing fan, ailbhe xxxsexxxx

Yves Lopez noticed errors in your review | Reviewer: Yves Lopez | 5/30/07

I read this review and it is very interesting. I went to School with Dave Fortman and so I have paid alot of attention to th edetails in his career. I noticed two things that are out of place in your review. The first is the backing vocals is Jennifer Berry not Jennifer Baily. Also when the band formed there own record label it was Evilution not Evolution. Please make these corrections and this well help to preserve the great legacy of an incredible band . Thank You. Yves Lopez