Dichtonomy of desire... | Reviewer: Kurtis Repstock | 1/24/2008

When Brock is posing the question in this song, "So long to the holidays", is he implying that he is longing for that feeling of innocence and desire to be happy that occurrs during the holidays and on Saturdays, or is it him acknowledging they are gone, and it is truthful recognition of the fact they're are not around and therefore maybe happiness will not be around either. The feel of this song, its identity, it seems to point in that direction for me. Initially, I interpreted it as him saying goodbye, a simple recognition to happinees being gone. Than I realized it also comes from this angle of earning. Not earning in the desire to be able to say goodbye, a earning that exists in those moments when we truly feel that we can obtain our own perception of who we are. That we can actually live the thoughts we have about ourselves in our minds. This song seems to have a mask on, it seems to imply two things when it only may exist at first glance as one. It is talking about a longing for the holidays, like "it's so llong till the holidays, goddamn!", and there's "So long to the holidays, have a good one, bud." Its a song sounding like two different things. This song is peaking to you and me! Jokes and what not. I'm joking, seriously.

Hypnotic, wonderfully paced song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/2008

I really like listening to ths song because of its ability to entrance me in its sound. Lyrically it is very simplistic so it relies on its wonderful sounding melody to entice the listener.