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UB40 sold 60-70 million albums during their career. In January 2008 Ali and few months later Micky left the band due to unethical business practices of UB40's managers and due a mess in bands finances. After short time UB40 declared bankruptcy.

After departure of Ali UB40 released 2 albums with Duncan: live album lIVE 2002 Arena: 12/12/2009 (old songs originally performed by Ali) in 2009, and studio album Labour of Love IV (covers) in 2010. In 2012 they released compilation album All The Best with Ali's voice on it. Unfortunately they aren't written any original songs after Ali's departure.

Ali released his first solo album Big Love in 1995. After leaving the band he released 3 albums: Running Free (2007), Flying High (2009) (both containing self-written songs and some covers, too), and Great British Songs (covers, 2010).

Five band members and two technicians of UB40 arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana and were deported from the Seychelles in 1990. Two years earlier, in 1988, their bass player Earl Falconer was sent to prison for drunk driving: he caused his brothers death in a car accident.

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The song 'King' (one of my fave songs!) is a tribute to Martin Luther King Jnr.
As far as I know the band is still together minus Ali campbell, the main singer and Mickey Virtue, keyboards. Ali is now a solo artist. Mickey I think joined him as part of his band. Duncan Campbell, Ali's brother now fronts the band. Dont know wether they'd release another album...I hope so!

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It sounds so sad, and I was wondering who the 'king' was in the lyric, how long ago he lived, and who he was king of, if indeed he actually existed.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.

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i like to know if the group is still together and when will they be releasing a new album and if it is true that some members were in jail for drug possession