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Performed by UB40

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Originally this song was sang by the Master if Reggae Bob Marley | Reviewer: Becky | 1/18/13

I am an avid music fan. I relate every memory in my journey through life to a song that was playing during that time. Red Red Wine was redone by UB40 and is awesome, but when you hear it by Bob Marley it has a complete reminiscing if the song. LOVE IT...BY BOTH ARTIST. AWESOME SONG

A theme for my 1984 | Reviewer: Simon Signolet | 7/25/09

I'm a music lover rather than a UB40 fan but I have a couple of their albums just because they are excellent. Surely one of the best songs of the 80s. Simple words that paints the picture, no garnish, no fuss, no surplus. Most music videos are mediocre but the original video (black & white) for this song actually enhances the message. A very touching song.

MY review of ub40 | Reviewer: Danny | 7/2/07

UB40 are the best my favorite song is chrrio cherrio baby peace ally you rock i will se u in december at nec

WICKED! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/05

This song is wicked awesome! UB40 rocked Live 8 with it!

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