One of the greatest songs EVER | Reviewer: BonnieFloss | 8/30/14

Never heard this song before up until a few days ago when my husband sung it to me over the phone it made me cry & gave me butterflies such a beautiful song & i'm going to have it playing as we renew our wedding vows :* such a sweet song with a romantic twist 1 of my all time favs

kingston town | Reviewer: rr | 9/19/07

simply amazing! exempleria. it's perfect and very peculiar to hear. i has a great synoymn's
in this song. simply perfect! such song's are one in million's. treasure of music.
one of the greatest music i listened.
thank you.

That´s a great song | Reviewer: rosita | 6/19/07

Me gusta mucho esta musica. Es realmente un halago para mis oidos.

Good Song | Reviewer: Staci | 6/17/07

I like this song, it's ace, the lyrics are great and not depressing like a lot of songs, but still it has a nice, slow tune, rather than a fast one. Very different. =]

Nice Music! | Reviewer: Joe | 5/16/07

is a nice music . it has a great letter too!
good description! :P ...

Kingston Town | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/04

It is so nice and optimistic - we are going to have it as a music at our wedding:)