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Performed by U2

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What I heard from a Japanese friend of mine. | Reviewer: Fletch Doberman | 1/24/14

My friend asked me if I knew about the poison rain (black rain) that fell on the Japanese
after the US dropped the two atomic bombs on Japan. He also claimed his father spelled it out for him how the mention of desert was related to one of the testing areas before actually dropping the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This he claimed was how easy it was for countries that didn't experience their homeland being changed from a place of paradise into a molten hell in just minutes to overlook how deep a thinker Bono really was. It's just an 'out there' thought from a friend who by no stretch of the imagination is anything short of a deep thinker himself.

Song that me made me stunned | Reviewer: Drishty | 3/24/13

What to say about this song? it's just a complete stunner and indubiously a mesmerizer. It was two year i had been going through a frustration of not getting any powerful rocker. just then i got it and yes!!! however, it's an exaggeration that it's the best of U2 and it does rock 'you too' ;-)

This song is anout Freak Street of Nepal | Reviewer: eatcyanide | 4/24/12

I don't have an evidence or anything else but an old man, a huge fan of U2 said this song was written for "Freak Street" which lies in Kathmandu, Nepal..and the street had no name during 70s and 80s...The best place to hang out, for marijuana, and all...they even said Bob Dylan came here and wrote "Knocking on Heaven's door"...This place is called Freak Street nowadays.

incredible! | Reviewer: Eve | 7/23/11

a friend of mine told me about this song.he gave me his ipod and told me to make it as loud as it can get and close my eyes in a dark room alone!so i did it and i didn't think it will effect me so much but after i started hearing it i amazingly lost all the connections with the world and i felt like i was inside my brain with the band!!it just gives the greatest chill you can ever feel!this song is practicly a"legal drug"!

Concert | Reviewer: Jen | 6/19/11

If you have the chance to see U2 in concert, just turn away from the stage for a moment and look back into the audience during one of the refrains to this song. Everyone in the crowd is singing along with Bono, and it is a really moving experience. I agree with Mike; it is nearly religious in spirit.

my favorite U2 | Reviewer: Shane | 4/22/11

Definitely my favorite U2 song and if you've never heard it are really missing out. I get chills every time the organ cuts through the crowd noise. It's a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics and the perfect track to open "The Joshua Tree" album which is one of the best in the history of rock-n-roll.

Great music by by great artists | Reviewer: Mithilesh Oza | 6/23/09

I'hav seen in one of U2's documentery, that they were ready with the lyrics and bass for the song but edge wasn't able to come out with a satisfactory riff for the song. Subsequently in one of their jammin session Larry got so frustrated that he was about to delete the unprepared record.!!!!!!!
None of the band member would have known at that moment what a great piece this track would turn out to be......

like church | Reviewer: mike | 6/29/08

when i saw them first do this back in 86 or 87,when the stage went red and the organ cut thru the sound,it sounded EXACTLY like being in not religious,but its as close as i have ever come to being ion a church of any denomination

The best song ever | Reviewer: Mauricio Montes | 8/21/07

A couple of years ago, I had the chance to assist to a U2 concert and this song was so powerful it made me cry. I liked it already before that experience however. The Edge's guitar sounds incredible and Larry's percussions bring a firm body to this magnificent song. This band rocks all the way!

Amazing | Reviewer: john | 4/7/07

One of the most amazing and seminal records of the decade - set the tone for many to follow!

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