Yes, Music is a Gift & a Strong Force - So Use it for Good, Not Bad | Reviewer: theresa1 | 7/6/14

I hope to have the opportunity to clarify what I wrote before, please. Yes, how people use and interpret even "human made" songs does matter. (It CAN be "here or there"!) The songs we hear and listen to can effect our state of mind - individually, and as groups (even masses) of people. They can effect how we feel, and the choices we make. They can energize us to do good things with zeal; consider a better way; take courage and/or move forward despite hardships and losses; feel empathized with and comforted during times of pain of heart; etc. (And Jehovah's own scriptural psalms/songs are the best for these things - supremely so.)

On the other hand, the gift of music, songs - and even God's own songs (or recognizable pieces or paraphrases of them) have been hijacked, exploited, and used by unscrupulous persons for bad purposes.

Satan's forces have used the means of music to work all kinds of conscience-effecting and lie-spreading propaganda that has hurt mankind - by way of music that promotes spiritual lies/spiritism, wrongful desires, crime, violence, nationalism, hate, war, hopelessness, suicide, etc.

Also, indeed, people can "interpret" songs (like the words of others, including God's) as meaning - promoting or supporting - things the "author" of them never intended them to. That could be bad.

Take, for instance, the "Helter Skelter" song mentioned by "the Edge", in a nearby post on this page. There was an example of a song interpretation gone wild - and it cost some people their lives. Satan knows how to get at people - get at their hearts and minds, their seat of motivation - and music can be a slick means of doing so. Sometimes its bad messages and or a bad spirit attached to the music - or maybe sometimes a person has already involved themself with spiritism or other bad practices, and they choose to be obsessed with a certain song or songs - interpreting them to be their anthem, a motivating force to do bad.

I don't think the Helter Skelter situation was the only example of this kind of problem. Certainly, too, some songs have been used, "as is", or interpreted as being motivators to suicides also, haven't they?

And so on it goes. Some songs, as they are, need to disappear - or be unmistakeably re-worked to feature a turn-around, so as to be a motivator to good, not bad.

Other songs need some people to back off from exploiting and extorting them to promote what is false and harmful - especially if the songs or words (or pieces or paraphrases of them) authored by the Almighty are involved, because it is never okay to misrepresent them.

So music matters, interpretations matter. Most of all though, spiritual truth - and acting on, being motivated by that - matters. As for the rest, be very discerning. Guard your hearts.

Spiritual Hedging and MIsguidedly Following Maligned and Misrepresented Scriptural Examples Will Soon Leave Most People Dead - Don't Be One of Them. Have True Hope. | Reviewer: theresa1 | 4/6/14

People can "interpret" a human-made song anyway they want to: Except for possibly disappointing or doing damage to the artist who created it, it is neither here nor there (except that everyone will answer to God for all injustices they cause to anyone).

However, as for mass-media-ed songs or persons using the means of them to do damage to the highly-purposed words or the Creator Himself - by maligning, discrediting, intentionally or carelessly misrepresenting them, etc., persons who enact these things will be held accountable and responsible to the Universal Sovereign Jehovah and His Son for any damages or loss caused to the lives of those who believed spiritual LIES and then made their bad choices based on them. Generally speaking, by known scriptural standards, the penalty for knowingly, recklessly or intentionally spiritually misguiding others in a way that leads to the loss of their eternal lives is that the persons responsible for such misguidement are deemed bloodguilty by God for that - and so stand to lose their eternal lives as well.

"Religious" is NOT the same as "practicer of the true, scriptural-described religion".

David was NOT a God-rebellious, whining, generally dis-satisfied, ungrateful, self-sparing, self-godded, spiritually sleezy person who disrespectfully complained to God (or about Him to others), when it suited him; when it appeared that God was not doing enough to stop or prevent suffering or injustice,to make things all right, then and there. At the same time, David was NOT a person who ignored or disregarded so-far given word-of-God explanations as to WHY there was suffering, and how God was already working a plan to fix it completely, in the very best way for all involved.

Neither was David generally disobedient to Jehovah, MAKING HIMSELF "PART OF THE PROBLEM, INSTEAD OF PART OF THE SOLUTION", nor did he seek anti-scriptural teachings of men as "excuses" to disobey God. He was also not a person who, in the "name of God", sought to create his own anti-scriptural/anti-word-of-God "religion" - based on what he himself desired or found convenient, despite what the Creator Himself has mandated, in His own words.

When David had committed adultery and had a man murdered to cover it up, YES GOD LEFT HIM. That vacuum left by where God's spirit once was surely felt awful. The writing of the mournful and distressed words that came from those feelings serve as a warning example as to what becomes of a person, if they decide to violate their spiritual trust.(Later - only because God found him to be GENUINELY heart-cut and fully repentant - God continued to work with David. David was not spared the consequences of his evil actions though - besides the mental torment of conscience that he rightly underwent, his child died [which resulted in further grief]).

Other times, David wrote out of distress for not having THE SCOPE OF THINGS that Jehovah [Yahweh 2U], as The Creator and Eternal Universal Sovereign, ALONE has. Thus, David's voicings as a mere, limited human being sometimes reflect the frustrations that even generally righteous and faithful [to God's own words and spirit] people can have.

David, however, like the other faithful biblical examples, did NOT lastingly wallow in either disrespect or anger towards God, but definitely coupled his expressions with RESPECT, either simultaneously, as in saying, "O, Jehovah...." [and then voicing concerns]; or else resolving and yielding their expressed feelings of anguish, frustration, etc. to TRUST and love for God soon after - as seen in the Scriptures soon following incidences of this sort. Such persons humbly sought reconciliation with God; and reason - based on what they had already appreciated of God's love, justice, mercy, righteousness, wisdom, power, compassion, etc. - to go on doing His will, believing in Him to carry out the goodness he has promised.

So, in no way can the psalmist David be rightfully typified as an "angry" complainer to or against God. Nor can he, with his freely-voiced recorded words or actions, be rightfully or sensibly exploited into being a role model of defiance, disrespect, rebellion, mockery, blasphemy, or hate against God - that description and example instead fits the person of Satan the Devil, enemy of God and manslayer. (Nor can the example of David's spiritual downfall but yet recovery be exploited/twisted to be a license for anyone to sin against God's holy spirit by sinning intentionally while PRESUMING they will receive forgiveness anyway. [They won't - Hebrews 10:26-31]

That verses of distress over suffering, injustice, grief, yearning for help and reassurance from God, etc. are included in the Holy Scriptures is comforting because it shows that Jehovah acknowledges and understands that we might have these feelings at times. However, together WITH THE REST of the Psalms and other Scriptures, we - LIKE DAVID - can be sure of God's promises - just like he made to David - TO MAKE ALL THINGS RIGHT, JUST, and GOOD AGAIN here on earth (soon) by means of God's scriptural, heaven-based Kingdom being extended down to rule over this whole planet.

Jehovah even promised David that one in his lineage would become God's appointed King in that everlasting heavenly Kingdom that would restore peace and justice to this earth. That one was born as a human, and became Jesus Christ, who is also the one Ransomer of mankind provided by God, and High Priest and one Mediator between God and mankind at this time. [The Memorial of Christ's death, in honor of all he has done, does, and will be doing, as Jehovah's Chief Agent - to make the way open again for God-obedient people to soon be able to live forever; and to make this earth a happy paradise again - will be soon. The night that worldwide commemoration will be is Nisan 14, by the Jewish calendar in effect in Jesus Day. This year, that falls on April 14, 2014, after sundown, all around the globe - it will be celebrated, earth wide, by the people who truly honor and obey both Jehovah and his Son - wherever the true Jehovah's Witnesses, local to you, will be meeting for this yearly vital spiritual event. Make plans to go, to actively honor the now heavenly-reigning King, "the Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6), in the line of David - the one who will soon bring God's promised relief to this world.]

If the sky is clear where you are, on the evening of Nisan 14, you can see a full moon that night. It is the same moon that Jehovah pointed out to David as an illustration as to how sure, how reliable in returning with good results, His promise to David (and for obedient, faithful mankind also) would be:
"Once I have sworn in my holiness
To David I will not tell lies.
His seed itself will prove to be even to time indefinite,
And his throne as the sun in front of me.
As the moon it will be firmly established for time indefinite,
And [as] a faithful witness in the skies." (Psalm 89:35-37)

Just as sure as that moon, that "faithful witness in the skies", Jehovah's Kingdom will (SOON) come - to sanctify Jehovah's name and Sovereignty; and for faithful, loyal, and obedient mankind, to reconcile God to man, to establish TRUE peace and justice earth wide, to make all things good again, to end sickness, war, suffering, hunger, grief, pain, and tears of sorrow. There will be a total turn-around here: God wanted an Eden all over the earth, filled with happy people, able to enjoy life forever - and so that is what will come to be.

It is also the same, then also full, moon that Jesus Christ and his faithful apostles sang Psalms under the last night of his life as a human on earth; after he instituted that a memorial of his death, what that meant and would mean, and his last evening meal - with the establishment of a new covenant, for "a kingdom" - replace the Passover.

Its a good time, now, to learn more about, remember, and act on what the lot of this all means.....

Jesus Christ is not at all dead - and only ever was, or was inactive - for only 3 earth-days, out of countless eons of time.

"Wake up"? Who? Please.

Wow | Reviewer: Madison | 4/5/14

What I find so incredible about this song is how common it is for every person. Whether you are a religious person (which I hesitant to call myself sometimes) or a person who adheres to no belief system, this song is raw for us all. Every person can look out to modern society and see chaos, destruction and death. It is impossible not to feel this sense of doubt and anger towards God (or lack thereof)and wonder if things could ever get better. David wrote often of his anger towards God's apparent absence in his life when he wrote the Psalms. Religious people recognize that the Psalms are a part of the Bible. A God inspired book. The feelings of doubt, anger and fear are allowed to be experienced by every person. I actually feel like we're encouraged to feel these things because it means that we aren't desensitized to the bad things. I love this song because it reminds me that I am not alone in my doubt and that there is always hope at the end of the day.

Considering Art/Music Through the Eyes of [Divine] Truth Changes Everything | Reviewer: theresa1 | 5/4/12

Man's "license" for artistic expression ENDS wherever it dares try to overlap THE Creator's own given truth, standards, and purposes to produce what would be in opposition to Him. Also, art/music that has a net effect of promoting a message of REBELLION against The Creator is spiritually-toxic, life-toxic garbage art/music.

God's scriptural truth is, just like He describes, LIGHT by which to SEE THINGS FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE. If a person learns, obeys, applies, exercises, meditates on and lives what God's own scriptural standards and purposes are; then their PERCEPTIVE POWERS become trained, by Jah, to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, etc. (See Hebrews 5:14.) Then, with that wisdom, humans are able to be DISCERNING – to HEAR and SEE things as they truly are; and for the effect and outcome they might produce (good fruitage or bad fruitage).

That way persons do not have to stay within the dying pits of continually lost, going-nowhere, spiritually and mentally “blind” and “deaf” humanity; keeping “the blind leading the blind” and the “blind” following the “blind” as the standard for arts, culture, and spirituality-LIFE.

With the light of Jehovah/Yahweh's scriptural truth, persons can steer clear of this spiritually bad condition (with all the problems and wreckage it brings):

“Woe to those who are saying that good is bad and bad is good, those who are putting darkness for light and light for darkness...” (Isaiah 5:20)

Then too, they can proceed to produce GOOD fruit – including good art and good songs, etc. instead.

Being “willing to rage at God” is NOT a spiritual achievement or point of spiritual growth. Neither does it necessarily mean that someone is going to start to listen to God, obey His voice, or be loyal to Him. Instead, it is giving in to what Satan WORKS AT HUMANS – by way of 1.) FOMENTING TROUBLE in this world; 2.) creating an atmosphere of spiritual lies and SLANDER against Jehovah/Yahweh; 3.) ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO LIKEWISE BLAME GOD and TURN AGAINST HIM for that trouble; and 4.) to then INDULGE THEMSELVES in whatever wicked behavior they find personally convenient and desirable for themselves.

Yes, that IS a main way the Devil – the LIAR – operates. Just as in the example case of Job in the Bible, it is Satan, with his throng – NOT Jehovah/Yahweh – that causes MUCH suffering to individuals, world-over; propaganda-izes that God is to blame; and then GOADS-ON SUFFERING PEOPLE (and those concerned about them) to do the SAME as was his recorded aim to break down Job to do: SATAN'S GOAL IS TO GET HUMANS TO “CURSE [GOD] TO [HIS] VERY FACE.” (See Job 1:11)

By extension, it would also be spiritually deadly-wrong to, in effect, mass- media curse God's SON to his face, publically [falsely] charging him, Jesus, as being non-caring, inept, or disconcerned; “DEAD”, needing to “WAKE UP” (to take better action towards mankind). It is likewise wrong to suggest – as this song does – that perhaps Jesus Christ really desired to act independently or differently from his Father's known will and purposes (but that his [Jesus'] “hands [weren't] free”).

This song is a dreary, vulgarness-containing, disrespectful, complaint towards God via his Son. And again, that context of DISRESPECT towards God (or his Son) is NOT one that David, Jeremiah, Job,or others operated in. And it is forever UNTHINKABLE that anyone faithful would cross such a line as to publically mass-media (and yet choose not to retract) such a wrecklessly careless insinuation towards the person of Jesus Christ that he, the Son of God should be told to

“Wake up, wake up dead man.”

In the “U2 Live from Boston” video, Bono with U2 cut this song off early – with Bono kind of waving the rest of it off (and following that with “Walk On”) - but they didn't and haven't cut it off enough.

[And again, it is disgusting how FALSE “Christians” (and “leaders” of them) have gone publically gaa-gaa in praise and excuse-making for this song, just because it contains the name of “Jesus”. Jesus have HIGHER standards for the use of THEIR holy NAMES – standards that do not entail disrespect, association with spiritual falsehood, or blasphemy.]

Yes, it is often when people "hit bottom" or come close to that – or experience much suffering or injustice from from wicked persons - that they can get momentarily mad and/or confused and frustrated with God, especially (like David and others) for not understanding WHY it is (or being frustrated over) that wicked people seem to be getting away (temporarily, anyway) with working their evil. However, then an honest-hearted person doesn't STAY angry at God, or CONTINUE to wrongly charge Him at all with fault, or blame him for the suffering they're experiencing (like Satan constantly urges humans to do). Instead, they bounce back and remember and gratefully put their trust and hope in that Jehovah IS righteous; does NOT unjustly cause righteous persons to suffer; and absolutely WILL carry out justice and goodness as regards faithful, obedient people (example- read completely through Jeremiah 20:7-13). And they move on to praise Jah.

Indeed -

“When under trial, let no one say, 'I am being tried by God.' For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.” (James 1:13)

And, if honest-hearted persons haven't learned those truths already, then "the bottom" (or bouncing off the walls) may well be a time when they DO open up to truly seek God along with the scriptural-spiritual truth he provides and makes available - which is exactly what their "heart broken and crushed" NEEDS. (Psalm 51:17)

How to Consider Art. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/12

Sometimes when you make art, you capture a feeling, and when you do so, that is a form of truth. That doesn't mean it is "right" or "exemplary," but it's honest.

Feelings may be wrong, but it would be a lie to think that we do not have them.

And sometimes, when you've hit the bottom--when you are willing to rage at God, I think you're closest to being humbled. At least you care enough to ask why. The thing to pray for is that the person asking is humble enough to listen when they get the answer.

Wake Up Dead FALSE "Christian" Bono IDOLATERS of the Global CULT-Empire of "BABYLON the GREAT" | Reviewer: theresa1 | 3/21/12

How deplorable and Satanic that anyone who calls themself a "rev" should publically EXPLOITIVELY TWIST the very dying words of the Son of God himself as being an "example" of how it is acceptable to mass media and support a song of DISRESPECT towards Jehovah [Yahweh] and his Son Jesus Christ: Again, this song FALSELY CHARGES GOD and HIS SON with FAULT - with UNRIGHTEOUS WRONG-DOING, NEGLIGENCE, APATHY, and INEPTITUDE as regards their Godship and Lordship over mankind - i.e., as if Jesus Christ, under his Father, "DIDN'T THINK" or was too distracted by/busy "working on something new" to carry out justice and righteousness towards an individual needing protective warning or intervention from a destroyer here on this earth at this time (in this world currently dominated by Satan and his throng) – or that it is really Jesus' Father and his way of doing things that is to blame.

THE SCRIPTURAL TRUTH IS that NEVER, EVER - NOT in ANY Holy Scripture whatsoever - can King David, Jesus Christ, or any other currently genuine, faithful, loyal, obedient and true worshiper of Jehovah [Yahweh] be found DISRESPECTING GOD as this song does, FAULT-FINDING HIM (as THIS SONG DOES) - speaking of God, and also to his Son, as though neither Father nor Son know what they are doing; and that the plans, purposes, and abilities of the Creator-Universal Sovereign and the work of His Son in tandem with Him are deficient.

No indeed. To speak that way towards God or Jesus Christ – or to defend that sort of slanderously accusatory speech - has never been the way of anyone being FAITHFUL, but is instead reflective of the spirit of God's enemy, Satan the Devil.

IN CONTRAST, an ACTUAL examination of the Scriptures proves that David ALWAYS voiced his expressions of anguish, pain of heart, fear, sorrow, grief, anger and frustration with wicked ones (and his questioning of WHY God was permitting them to get away with their evil at that time), his pleas for help, etc. with RESPECT and REVERENCE towards the Person of Jehovah, always in a context of respect for Him, as demonstrated by his frequent use of the phrases, “O Jehovah”, and “O, my God” while addressing Him with his concerns. Further, the Psalms show that David did NOT just speak to God to tell him what he was frustrated about, or to ask God to save him from his enemies, BUT HE ALSO PRAISED GOD and spoke of his truth and righteous standards, His goodness, His righteousness, etc.

It was the same was Jesus: During his needlessly cruel and demonic execution by puppet-persons of the Devil's crowd, at one point, God completely withdrew his protective force from his Son, which meant that Jesus' integrity was being completely tested by the wicked one to the full, he experienced the full of all that pain and anguish. That outcry of , “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) came with that onslaught of pain, anguish, etc. - and even that calling to God at that time was COUPLED WITH THE RESPECT of addressing his Father with, “My God, my God...” (as did the Psalmist David). Was Jesus Christ FAULT-FINDING/ FAULT-QUESTIONING his Father (“in anger”) at that point (or ever)????


And any of the MANY so-called “reverends”, “pastors”, “priests”, etc. of FALSE (ANTI-WHOLE-SCRIPTURAL) “Christian” Bono/U2 IDOLATRY that have “defended” the DISRESPECT towards God and Christ shown by this song by REPEATEDLY TEACHING THEIR SHARED CREEDO-EXCUSE that this song is fine – this teaching of the Bono god is fine – because “David's Psalms were full of anger and questioning towards God” NEED TO FIRE THEMSELVES from their “jobs” IMMEDIATELY, before God SOON does.

Additionally, it is shocking that an entire host of FALSE “Christian” religious leaders, in their promotion of Bono/U2 IDOLATRY – transparently to “up” their own image, popularity, book and sermon sales, means of maintenance, etc. - also so boldly DEFEND and “excuse” this mass-media-ed song and it's author's obtuse use of AN OBSCENITY in association with addressing the Son of God.

This is what THE WORD OF GOD STATES, but yet what many such FALSE “Christian” U2-idolatry
-promoting and reinforcing “reverends”, etc. (and many of the flocks of Christendom) have stubbornly chose to DENY anyway:

“Let FORNICATION and uncleanness of every sort and greediness NOT EVEN BE MENTIONED among you, just as it befits holy people, neither shameful conduct nor foolish talking nor OBSCENE jesting, things which are not becoming, but rather the giving of thanks. For you know this, recognizing it for yourselves, that no fornicator or unclean person or greedy person – which means being an idolater – has any inheritance in the kingdom of the Christ and of God.

LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU WITH EMPTY WORDS, for because of the foresaid, the WRATH of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore, do not become partakers with them; for you were once darkness, but you are now light in connection with [the] Lord. Go on walking as children of light, for the fruitage of the light consists of every sort of goodness and righteousness and truth. Keep on making sure of what is acceptable to the Lord; and quit sharing in [them] in the unfruitful works that belong to the darkness, but, rather, even be reproving [them], for the things that take place in secret by them it is shameful even to relate. Now all the things that are being reproved are made manifest by the light, for everthing that is being made manifest is light. Wherefore he says:

“AWAKE, O SLEEPER, and ARISE from the DEAD, and the Christ will shine upon you.”

(Ephesians 5:3-14)

(It is humans DEAD in their sins [including staying with their [anti-whole scriptural] FALSE religious LIES] that are the ones that need to “WAKE UP”, not the more active than humanly imaginable person of Jesus Christ, who is now the God-appointed Highest Reigning King over all the earth [and who is just about to extend that Kingdom down from heaven to encompass all of this earth as its only Ruling entity]. )

There is the above, and there is more in God's words, reiterating the very basic, what should be natural conscience-sensed concept that NO ONE BELONGS using PROFANITY in “prayer” or in speech about the HOLY persons of Jehovah/Yahweh God or his Son, Jesus Christ.

Again, “reverends”, etc. that would still voice public approval for that which disrespects and profanes the name, persons, and teachings of God Almighty and His Son surely need to get down and step away from their pulpits and urgently correct themselves so as to not become further responsible for misleading people to their eternal deaths by way of their anti-whole-scriptural religious lies. That is true even if those LIES are cool-ized by their promotion and reinforcement of Bono/U2 idolatry. Yes, what an abomination such 2TIMOTHY 4:3,4 prophesied-type “preachers” have dumped out onto the music-loving public - “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Lastly, to publically SLANDER-attack a person for speaking scriptural truth from God is a crime against God and against humanity. It is NOT those speaking of Jehovah [Yahweh's] own scriptural teachings and standards who are “crazy”- but, it is, instead, THOSE WHO FIGHT GOD'S WORDS and SPIRIT – and faithful messengers of Jehovah [Yahweh] – with LIES that are the ones who become “mentally diseased”, “mad”[“crazy”], and foolish. (1Timothy 6:4; 2Timothy 3:8,9; Romans 1:21,22)

God Almighty's rage and disgust against all of the world's FALSE religions – especially those of FALSE [word of God DEFYING, Christ-disobedient, etc.] “Christianity” is at an all-time high. He is truly about ready to destroy that entire Satan-led giant global empire CULT of all of those FALSE religions, whom his words refer to as “Babylon the Great.” (See Revelation chapters 17 and 18.) Its all coming true, just like Jehovah [Yahweh] and his Son said these things would come true – and that is not "crazy."

That being the case, it is time for all people to HURRY UP and LEAVE the Devil's global monster CULT of “Babylon the Great”, which has Christendom (FALSE “Christianity”) at its forefront. (Revelation 18:4,5) Certainly, it would be foolish indeed to allow oneself to be persuaded to join or stay with any FALSE (Christ-OFFENDING) church of Christendom (or any other part of “Babylon the Great”) because of any FALSE religious “leaders'” upholding of any spiritually mistaken words and philosophies of Bono ABOVE those of God Almighty and his Son.

WAKE UP, yes.

Wow! | Reviewer: therev | 3/20/12

Okay, David and theresa1, you really need to read your scripture before you go sputtering such nonsense. TRY READING THE PSALMS--there are plenty of them that show anger towards God. Jesus (who you think is so disrespected in this song) himself quotes one of those psalms on the cross when he says "My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?" If your religion can't handle the tough stuff in life like feeling forsaken or even just the F-word, it isn't religion its an idol. Listen to what is going on in the song before you freak out about a cuss word. And theresa1, please seek mental help, it sounds like you have been brainwashed by a cult. Stop giving those of us who are religious a bad name by making everyone else in this world think we are all as crazy as you two.

Vehicle for AntiChrist Extremists to Blaspheme Jesus' Name | Reviewer: theresa1 | 3/17/12

This song is built around, features/hijacks/name-drops, spook-style mocks, and UNJUSTLY mass-media defames and disrespects the NAME and PERSON of Jesus Christ; the now (God-installed) Highest Reigning King and Judge over all the Earth.

If I put out a song like that to this wicked world, rather than simply LET those looking for a theme song by which to RIP DOWN Jehovah/Yahweh and his Son Jesus Christ - and anyone trying to speak out scriptural truth in defense of them - BY, I would be certain to use whatever power and resources I had at hand to do all I reasonably could to RETRACT such a blasphemous and spiritual plague spreading, spiritually deathful song. I would feel like I OWED THAT TO BOTH THE CREATOR and HIS SONG for long-term publically charging them both with INJUSTICE, NEGLIENCE, apathy towards man, etc - the same slander demons and those with them work so hard, continuously, to promote and foment; to turn as many persons away from God's truth and means of life as possible before Armageddon SOON strikes.


It DOESN'T MATTER if ANYONE is "a priest" or pop-star/pop-music fan or not: NOBODY gets to run-down the name and person of Jesus Christ (or his Father), or malign any true followers of him speaking truth from God's words in defense of him by using even pre-Armageddon inflammatory "code word"-labels for "unjustly persecute", such as, "extremist." The maker of that law-principle is God Almighty himself, to which each person is being held accountable for their speech, actions, and inactions.

extremist religious are so stupid | Reviewer: Sebastian | 3/16/12

This is no a gospel or a religious song, this is just a desperate feeling of wanting a change in the world, you can say fuck you can say anything, he is not a priest or a religious leader, he is a regular guy who wants a change!!!! he doesnt have to set an example! some people are just stupid!

Wake up AGAIN... | Reviewer: Donna Jean | 10/23/11

This song is a simple plea for the second coming of Christ....waiting for him, amidst a fallen world, to fulfill the promises he made. i.e. "wake up's been so long, show a fallen world you're alive for once and for all..."

human voice | Reviewer: erik anthony | 6/1/10

I love this song. I think Bono lets out a voice/a feeling that everybody knows in hard moments. A voice that says: why is there all this confusion/pain in me and the rest of the world - and if there is a god, why does he let it happen.
This song makes me remember that I myself am responsible for my own joy/pain.

Oh it has gospel | Reviewer: Tintazul | 10/23/09

@David: There is more "gospel" in asking difficult questions through my pain, than in going to church pretending that the world is all right and that I am all right. (I can do both, of course.) Anyway, just my own fifty cents.

Think!!!! and Wake up Dead Man | Reviewer: Erik | 8/22/09

I love David's post (sarcasm). Art is not always autobiographical, and even when it is, it doesn't always give the answers. Many times it just shows us the side of something and provokes thought. Bono could be sharing the thoughts all Christians have when trying to reconcile the idea of the Kingdom of God where God reigns and there is no more sickness, death, etc with the chaos we still see (a f--ked up world as he says). Because of that he asks to be reminded of the true story of the eternal perspective, not the temporary. The dead man could be Jesus before the resurrection-artistic interpretation, but I think that given the rest of the song, the dead man is Bono. Bono needs to wake up from the slumber, the pain, etc and seek to correct what has been made wrong (see the rewinded tape recorder reference). I have messed up lots of times in my life and feel "dead". I have to wake-up and realize that though my mistakes produce a kind of death in me spiritually, they can be made new. Bono cries out to Jesus for that. Shouldn't we all? Maybe you need to think David and not be so short sighted. Music should provoke and accuse you (you'll respond that the devil is the accuser) so that we ask ourselves the hard questions and respond to what is true. Wake up Dead Man!

Wake up! | Reviewer: Brad | 8/17/09

I think Bono is not being vulgar... get a clue about Irish Culture... the F-word is common slang where U2 grew up and not the vulgar language we think... He's crying out to God to show him a sign that He is looking out for... even interested in... the simple lives we live as Human beings... Bono is looking for hope and truth in a world where the only person he can truly turn to is God. Put aside your sensibilities for a moment and listen to the desperate cry of someone who is looking for truth in a world where everything is so hopeless...

Wake Up Dead Man | Reviewer: David | 7/22/09

It would seem to me that U2 has really no idea about who Jesus is. When they have to resort to using vulgar language and bizzare singing it is apparent that they truly do not know Jesus. It is disrespectful especially when younger generations are listening to these lyrics and take them as "Gospel" Jesus is not dead. He rose from the dead on the third day, spent forty days on earth with many people and then ascended to heaven. And He said He will come back to judge the world. The dead are those who don't believe him. Bono needs Jesus in his life or else he would not have sang this short sighted song.