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Performed by U2

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Great song! | Reviewer: E. Charles White | 8/2/11

I can't believe some of you are arguing about this song. It's simple, you like it or you don't. Somebody wrote they (U2) made a mistake about uno, dos, tres, catorce, obvious that's not true. Bono wanted to write it that way! For me is a great song charged of energy!

song meaning | Reviewer: undertow | 7/16/11

its about a place in mexico called " la zona del silecencio" " the silence zone" they make this video there and 1,2,3,14 are cordenates of this place, its a place where you cant turn on all the electric equipment cars, cameras, etc

love U2 | Reviewer: Alex | 5/8/11

I think the ones who are being so critical and negative have nothing to do here, if you hate U2 or Bono so much why are you spending your time writing trash about them. Personally I adore Bono and U2 and though to me it doesn't seem their best song, I still like it and I'll stand up for them any day.

Unnecessary comments, really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/10

Jordan, I know you probably won't read this, considering how long ago it was you commented. With your musical genius and aptitude for recognizing "good" songs, you have the right to call Vertigo the "worst song in history." By that logic, any musical piece of shit you pull out your ass would sparkle next to this, one of U2's most popular songs. Why don't you prove that and send a sample of your work to my email address, screwoff@uretarded.fu and I'll give you my opinion.

catorce | Reviewer: a5 | 7/15/10

You have to admit- uno dos tres catorce does sound cooler than uno dos tres cuatro, especially with him putting so much emphasis on the last word. If he had sung in english "one, two, three, FOOOOOUUUURRRR!!!!" that would sound kinda awkward. But if he went in english "one, two, three, FOOOUURTEEEN!!!" it kinda fits the song better- his being all vertigo'd out and stuff.

Chuck, wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

what the Hell. You sad, malicious retard. If you have that much of a problem with something do yourself a favour and don't wilfully expose yourself to it. If you're there to hate, you will be crushed. Your comment is out of order, and fairly discriminative against someone who's done more than you could ever hope to achieve, which is obvious because if you'd done more you wouldn't be abusing him so strongly or anonymously- it'd either be more public (if you'd done more you'd be famous) or non-existant, as you would understand what he has done and therefore not abuse him, or anyone in a similar situation, like that.

THIS IS AWESOME | Reviewer: :) | 3/5/10

I love this song!
And I don't care if he says "catorce" or whatever!
I'm from South America, and I love love LOOOOOVE U2...
And if you watch the video, MY GOD!!! It really makes you feel like some vertigo.. :)
Great song, great lyrics.. Peace. :D

Mistake | Reviewer: Victor | 8/3/09

The first line is a huge mistake, that they (U2) didnt notice until after they published the song is that the sing Uno dos tres CATORCE which is spanish for one two three fourteen^^ ^^ It doesnt seems like they had spanish in school but still a great song and that mistake adds a little fun also

I love U2 more than your mom | Reviewer: Lola | 4/17/09

Hey everyone. Well first of all I believe that in this song instead of " checkmated.. Bla bla" Bono actually says " check hey hey! Shots fall, your man in in here"..I've been listening to this song for years now, since I was 11 and that's what I hear. Anyways, I also think that Chuck is a effin retard, and I'm Mexican but a huge part of my family is from Ireland, so, in my opinion, he's not trying to insult Mexicans in any sort of way, he is just a really stupid guy that thinks that Spanish derives from only Mexico, I'm not sure what he was trying to say or what his point might have been, but he is just effin stupid. And I think all U2 songs are brilliant, they truly are the best music group out there, I absolutely love them, they have been my favorite since I was 11 so SOUL ROCKING PEOPLE MOVING ON!!!

In response to comments added by U2-Rocks and Sveyder | Reviewer: Mapeyyi | 2/1/08

I hope you two are happy with yourselves (see posts 8/18/2007 and 9/18/2007). You have officially hurt the name of Christ, and for what? a stupid band??? You ought to be ashamed- and do some serious repenting!

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