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Performed by U2

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meaning | Reviewer: grace | 2/7/13

There is a lot of religious imagery in the song, like the night watchman letting in the thief. It cant have been originally about Katrina because it was written before then but it fits the situation beautifully, flooding and grief and abandonment.

What the Song Means To Me | Reviewer: Sheri | 7/22/11

I think it's also about Hurricane Katrina and the effects it had on the city of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Also, I think it mentions how President Bush and Mayor Ray Nagin dropped the ball in getting aid to the city and those that suffered so terribly. The song was performed at the first Super Bowl following Katrina in the Superdome in New Orleans, which had just been renovated and reopened.

beep | Reviewer: Alex | 9/3/09

Why are there no comments on here? TNAW i'm the first.
well i think this song is about a boy who's father has died and he's praying for him to come back, but he's getting no reply.

Either that or the father has gone off to war and the child misses him and is waiting for him to come home. He tried ringing him dad but the line always gets cut off and he gets no reply. I guess it's about soldiers returnig after the war.

=D well done folks!

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