sad | Reviewer: maddy | 7/24/09

Bono told "Rolling Stone" that this song was a fictional conversaton between him and his friend (the late lead singer of INXS) about suicide. He said that he didn't want some stupid song and when he started writing, it just became a song about him discouraging his dear friend from doing the exact thing that ended his life.
How sad!
Best wishes, everyone. xx

Excellent | Reviewer: Lawrence Walker | 4/12/09

This is one of the magical song I have heard.Been in depression for a long time this song has really helped me to look forward.Thanks BONO and team...cheers.
Dear friends write to me and lets share the same musical interest.

Missing Clip | Reviewer: | 2/25/09

amazing song.
You are all agrueing about 2 different songs
An acoustic version of the song, misses a paragraph. The original version by U2 and Bono, dedicated to Michael Hutchence, has the paragraph in it!!

Like a stop button | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

This song is like a stop button for the tape recorder in your head. When I get "stuck in a moment" worrying, fretting, making more of things, this song helps me clear my thoughts, pick myself up, and move forward. Its just a moment... this time will pass.... Brilliant!

The missing paragraph... | Reviewer: Knonie | 4/24/08

That paragraph is not present in the version I have.
[Play duration: 3:46]

Probably there was a different album version for different regions, or maybe a different Album and Single version of this song.


Who agrees? | Reviewer: viomartyr | 10/12/07

And by the way, that paragraph IS sung. I dunno what version of the song u have but on the album (All that you can't leave behind) it's exactly like that. I haven't heard the single version though, it might be a bit different...

loved it | Reviewer: Liam healey | 9/26/07

These are your #1 fans,Liam Healey age 10 and George Reineckeage 10.Stuck in a moment is george's favorite song.We love it!!!!!
Bono,could you tour at the Wacovia arena In Wilkes Barre Penncilvania.WE would love love to see you here.Signed Liam and George.

stuck in a moment of u2 | Reviewer: belen lopez | 9/15/07

I think that is a great song, I like it so much. I´m from Argentina if someone want to write me, my e-mail is

The Paragraph | Reviewer: The_Oddity | 8/14/07

It's in there... I've heard the song and it is in there.

Really cool song. 4.5 stars out of 5.

What?!? | Reviewer: Joe | 6/20/07

That paragraph is definitely in the song!

I played it now from my iPod too and confirmed it too!!

Emotional Overload | Reviewer: Diana | 5/5/07

This song is so very emotional, I cry most times I listen to it. You can tell it means something to the band, the way they play it. Four for Four stars!!!

Yes it is.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/07

Yes it is sang in the isn't in the video clip though

are u crazy? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/07

why do you say that?
this paragraph is part of the song i think it means a lot of it.

Extra stanza missing from actual rendition | Reviewer: Rising Horizon | 2/22/07

I never thought you were a fool
But darling, look at you. Ooh.
You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight
'Cause tears are going nowhere baby
This paragraph is not sang in the song itself
It should be deleted from the lyrics of the song.