Still inspring people | Reviewer: Dreamer | 1/31/14

I had an awful day today, waiting the whole week for news about a possible job position, anxiety eating me alive, jobless, 30 pounds overweight and destroying a good relationship because of my own depression....I took my dog to the park (first time i left the house today) and this song came on my Pandora...what can I say, it gave me the gas to go through another night. You really got to get yourself together, nothing lasts forever.

uplifting | Reviewer: jeyn | 5/9/13

The song makes me cry and makes me wanna get by.... i have been wallowing in self pity, pain and despair.... i wish to muster strength to finally "get out of it"... i want to/ i need to/i have to move on...

Just what I needed | Reviewer: Chill | 9/5/11

Last night I decided to make a change in my life. Still feeling intense about last nights decision, when I got in the car this morning I naturally grabbed my U2 music. When this song came on, same song I've heard about a million times, it hit me...hard. I'm on a mission to lose weight and get in shape. I've been stuck in a moment. I have to carry my own weight. And if my way should falter along the stony path, it's just s moment, this time will pass. I ate well today, did a yoga lesson and walked before dinner. I'm not saying letter will be better. I'm getting myself together. U2 is my favorite band. Has been for years. Can't wait til next tour. Each concert is always a spiritual uplifting for me. Just amazing. <3

how I understand the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/11

I like the lyrics because it to me describes the feeling of taking responsible for yourself and not just let yourself get stuck. You gotta keep your head up high and go on, even if it feels impossible. I heard this song a lot when my girlfriend dumped me.

Beautiful sentiment | Reviewer: jake | 8/6/11

For anyone who loves this song and does not know why Bono wrote it, it's worth a look. Bono wrote it for his late friend, INXS singer Michael Huchence -as what he would have/felt he should have said to him, that maybe would've helped him out of his downward spiral. Bono is a true artist, and even truer soul.

Brought me to Tears....... | Reviewer: isadora | 7/19/11

I have always love U2,Bono and the Edge but this song really opened my ears,EYES and heart to what great song writers they truly are.....I too have suffered great loses in family and love, my heart was broken and the words have deep meaning for me.You have got to move forward and NOT dwell on the past... life is so fleeting and a moment can feel so long when it's full of hurt,pain and despair BUT you have got to get yourself are just stuck in a moment and it will pass
thanks U2

06/05/2011 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

I heard this song while I was on my way to see my Psychiatrist. I was planning on leaving my husband that day and I was devastated. The song encompassed everything I was feeling that day, and helped me realize that I did not want to end my marriage. Thank you Bono.

Inspired | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

When i first heard this song we were reveiwing it in class and it meant nothing to me and now since i added it to my ipod and listened to my friend play it i realised it has a meaning and the meaning is: even if you are stuck just keep going, forget the past and look forward to the future.

Inspirational and really powerful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/10

I listen to this whenever I feel down, frustrated, or angry, or just any time and any mood at all. It also does a very good job of waking me up at 5:15 in the morning :) which is just another plus to this amazing song U2 has written. Best track on All That You Can't Leave Behind, in my opinion.

it's just a moment, this time will pass | Reviewer: Coni | 8/17/10

i always listen to this song whenever i feel down or depressed. it just helps me get by, reminding me that things always happen for a reason. and whenever some things go wrong it is just to push you on a path where you could choose which way to go.and that there is nothing this life would throw at you that you could not go through.
"it's just a moment this time will pass"

inspiring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

this song, for me, is one of the finest songs made by U2. Well, somehow i have a bias in making this comment because every now and then, i still think of my ex and how he had left me for another. and yes, i got stuck in a moment for a while. but then, i have to move on and yes, after a month, everything got much better.

yes, there are times when i twist and turn in bed believing that the night will never end but it did end!

This song is craftily-made because it takes another road from saying all the mushy things that most song writers do. and the more it focuses on general statements, the more interpretations you can draw from it, not just on love.

to my ex out there, we had good times. those are the things that made me "stuck in a moment". but then, the more i hold on to these memories, it's like i'm punishing myself, letting me drown deeper into the abyss of despair.

thank you, U2 for the song!!!

Unattainable | Reviewer: Brown eyes | 4/3/10

To me the song represents having loved some one with all you are, knowing that they are the one and always will be. however something has happened which takes them away from you forever. it could be they were never yours in the first place to love, a marriage, a death. But at the end of the day even though you will always have that moment in your heart it will eventually pass.

awesome | Reviewer: shanda nosak | 12/23/09

I heard this song at his concert in norman oklahoma 2009.
this song is so awesome one of my favorites that u2 sings.
to me its about getting stuck in the past, memories, procrastination, depression, anything. lots of things can get us stuck......but if we get hope we can move forward.....this is an awesome song of hope and moving forward....the past is important......but only to learn from and to teach the next generation not to repeat........when the past becames chains of bondage it can lead to suicide depression angry, sometimes we have to shake it off......and just say out loud im moving forward .......sometimes pain is comfortable.....but dont get stuck. thanks u2.....its a great song....i wish youth groups and churches would sing it well as yahweh

Durr... | Reviewer: Teh Skitch | 10/30/09

To me, I could totally imagine some teenage girl walking into her bedroom and closing the door. She put her earbuds in and begins playing this song as she pulls a gun from her backpack. She sits at the edge of her mattress crying silent tears as she stares at the gun remembering how it was a gun that drove her to this point in the first place, remembering the sharp taste and scent of the splattered blood as it ran with the life of the one she loved most into a gutter. She remembers the cold stares of the other students at her school as they avoid her, not possibly know what she feels. She remembers the feel of the cold, dead cheek at the funeral. Finially the song ends and she pulls the trigger at the last note, ending everything forever.

Stuck in the moment | Reviewer: criticalworld | 10/7/09

The song inspires me a lot.. I am totally despressed right now.. I've been hearing this song for most of the time but when I search for the lyrics.. It's just like a magic.. I felt that i have been replenish by the statement of the music..
Thank you.. Philippines
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