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Performed by U2

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Double Entendre | Reviewer: NuJazz Philosophy | 12/28/07

This epic song is obviously referring to BOTH Jesus & Dr. King. It is about selflessness, sacrifice & being misunderstood. This is maybe U2's best song yet and truely one of the most prophetic songs of our age.

x | Reviewer: xime | 12/3/07

this song was made for martin luther king jr. look the part that says... Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride ... that was the dead of mlk jr ... not jesus ....

pride (in the name of love) | Reviewer: jsonphil2014 | 11/12/07

your song "pride (in the name of love) has answered something which i was seeking the answer for years. thank you for a very spiritual song. thank you

U2 Love | Reviewer: Luna | 11/4/07

"One man cut on a barbed-wire fence" the crown of thorns, "One man, he resist" Jesus' temptation in the desert by the Devil, "One man wash on an empty beach" Jesus baptized in the Jordan, "One man betrayed with a kiss" Judas giving Jesus to the Pharisees.
And he did it "in the name of Love!" Martin Luther King Jr. was a spokesperson for human rights and he was assassinated at a motel in Memphis,Tennessee ...he helped the coloured people of America gain equal rights. Bono tells about his famous speech in Memphis, Tennissee

REAL LOVE | Reviewer: Alejandro | 10/3/07

the man who talk U2 in this song is Jesus, rememember the sentence: One man betrayed with a kiss... because Judas Iscariote give a kiss to show who was the Lord, hours later he died for the persons who he loved, he could not run away of his destiny...this a REAL LOVE.

U2 rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

This is an extraordinary song.lyrics are great. Add to that the musical style of u2, and you have a song to be remembered and cherished.

King | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/07

This song is about the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr. I didn't know this until I read a little into it. It has a deeper meaning to it.

Pride | Reviewer: TJ | 3/25/07

I forgot this was a U2 song. Lacey Mosely (Flyleaf) and Richard Patrick (Army of Anyone) did this song together. It's on the Flyleaf myspace.

pride...U2 | Reviewer: | 3/16/07

does anyone have a rundown of who bono is refering to with each man...some are obvious, others not so...? send to my email

To Martin Luther King | Reviewer: Malena | 7/18/06

This song has a great lyric, and Edge's guitar has this awsome tune! This song comes on my list of favourite U2 song. By the way, the song is about Martin Luther King, if you didn't know(:

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