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Review about Please
------Performed by U2 | 07/23/2007 11:00:00 AM

Where is The Courier Express when you need it?

“There is no development, there is no new bridge, and politicians are horrible.” Cry and moan all you want but know in the end the only problem with this area is the majority of people are plain lazy. If you don’t like a politician then get out and vote. Or better yet run for office. If you want to see development, move out of Spalding Lake and into the Ellicott Commons. Oh wait, the Ellicott Commons couldn’t exist because there is no development.

And about the jobs; this article was written by a company that fired 31 pressmen with no severance and no compensation. While I don’t agree with the Unions as a businessman this is unconscionable from a business ethics standpoint. With that in mind, reading these articles should make your morning coffee taste like sewage.

Do people have a right to complain? Yes. But with the state of things today we need those people to complain only if they want to offer a solution or better yet act on that solution. To those commentators who have left the WNY area and are tickled to death with hating this area, why are you still reading its newspaper?

No place is better than another, its just different and that difference may work for you, do not belittle those that have stayed especially your own families that are still here by verbally abusing the area that raised you and allowed you to be as successful as you are in the place you have taken residency.

Sorry for the rant, but there are people fighting right now to help this area. Lets not take any more steps back by creating articles like this one. To quote U2, “Please…please…get up off your knees…please”

Thanks to S. Murphy for submitting the review.