My favourite u2 song | Reviewer: Anon | 1/30/07

the song is so powerful and after hearing a few times i kind of feel a deeper more powerful feeling each time i hear it.the song means a lot to me.

wonderful | Reviewer: Aliah Cortes | 9/25/06

I really enjoy this song.. a friend and I are singing this song in open mic at my college next week and I am so excited! It really does explain life and love and that we should all be one through all the hurt and everything else that goes on in life. God is there for us always, and it should be that way with all realtionships, friends, family. "Were one but were not the same"!

Lovely Lyrics | Reviewer: Chaz Adams | 5/8/06

This song is my mom's favourite U2 song. And I can see why. There are two lines in particular that I love. One is :
'You gave me nothing, now its all I got'
and the other is:
'But I can't be holding on to what you got, when all you've got is hurt'.

These two lines are simply so powerful that it drew me completely into the rest of U2's music, and now looking back, this song is still my favourite.

It's simply a fantastic song, both in terms of the tune, lyrical content, and sheer heartbreaking voice of Mr.Bono. Fans have been reduced to tears when hearing it live, and it is no wonder why.

Easily U2 at their very best.

One love is all we need | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/06

U2 seem to have this beautiful love for Jesus and can feel His wonderful Love in their lives and see Him working in this world. But at the same time struggle with the issues of this world, our hatred for each other, our pain and hurt, wars, famine, and at times a world thats seems to have no love at all.

The words of this song are a haunting and beautiful reminder that we are one but are different, we are brothers and sisters, one blood, one life, and we need to care for each other.

If only we could lov each other as God loves us

one | Reviewer: lisawhitehead | 3/11/06

Tis song means the world to me and my husband even our 12 year old son says this is the song you and dad sing to each other THANK YOU

Heavenly! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/05

I heard the live version and it keeps playing on my mind. Wonderful lyrics, I'm truly impressed. U2 will be :-)

AMAZIN SONG | Reviewer: Shaun Wooldridge | 6/2/05

this song is truely great along with all their others! i have tickets to see them so hahahahaha to those who dont!! :) 19th June 2005 here i come!!