Wow | Reviewer: Z swagg | 12/30/11

Great song. I was in love with a girl and when we fought I used lines from songs. I used lines from nothing by the script, and lines from one. "did I ask to much, more than enough?" "did I disappoint you or leave a bad taste in your mouth?"

by bono himself | Reviewer: g | 11/16/09

from this weekend NYTimes article by Bono: "Edge, the Zen Presbyterian, no longer a study in restraint, is heartbroken, in the middle of splitting up with his wife; he now sees the same fate for his band. He is trying to write an eight-bar lift section for a song called “The Fly.” He writes two, but when he and The Singer put them together a different song emerges ... and fresh words and a new melody come out of The Singer’s mouth .... the words fall out.

BONO (sort of singing) We’re one, but we’re not the same ... we get to carry each other...

LARRY (charming but hard-nosed, sitting behind his drum kit) Sounds sentimental.

BONO It doesn’t have to be. I can give the verses enough bile to balance the hook. It’s no big kiss, it’s a shrug of resigned optimism. Really, it’s the polar opposite of the kind of hippie nonsense you would expect with a title like “One.”

LARRY So why do you call it “One,” then? You think that’ll help get it to No. 1?

ADAM (one eyebrow permanently raised, thinking they should get on with it as it’s the first good thing the band has done all month) Isn’t “One” a Bob Marley song?

EDGE (deadpan) That’s “One Love.” Completely different.

ADAM I don’t care — as long as I believe you when you sing it.

DANIEL LANOIS (also a producer) I don’t care, as long as there are lyrics. What’s it about?

BONO I don’t know yet .... Er, having to live together rather than wanting to. It could mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

BRIAN ENO For God’s sake, don’t make it a love song, or I’ll retch.

BONO It’s a song about love, not a love song."

more truth | Reviewer: pddiddy | 6/26/09

When Achtung Baby was recorded, Edge was going though a separation with his then wife, Aislinn O'Sullivan....Bono/the band have admitted that many of the lyrics on this record including One were heavily influenced by these difficult days......Who is to say what each song is exactly about.....Sometimes there is a little bit of everything in them...

Scar bleed when you pick at them. | Reviewer: StarMartyr | 1/23/09

To me the lyrics to this song is a soul-breaking ode of a sorts to a girl that I loved very deeply but had to let go because she was poisonous and there was nothing I could do to "save" her. In the end I had to "save" myself and walk away. The verse starting with "Did I ask for too much..." sums up so much raw emotion so eloquently that it still makes me feel like I got the wind knocked out of me.

"And I can't be holding on
To what you got
When all you got is hurt"

Last words I ever said to her.


enough | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/08

With help of Brian Eno look at the name and reverse it. Brian is actually a vision of a man, the female half on the name would be Brianna. Last name One. Together the combination is actually two, one female one male that can and will coexist.

This song is about ONE ness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/08

One was written after Bono met with the Dali lama about his mission in ending poverty and aids. One is about the coming together of various world religions for the common good of the world. This is written in the book "U2 by U2". It is about putting differences aside.

The truth 2 | Reviewer: Kokken | 8/3/08

The song is about what you put into it. The words and centences has their meanings that we can not free us from, that challenges us. But our answerds to that challenges is our own, dependent on the challenges of cours, but still our own.

yesterday (: | Reviewer: vez. | 7/19/08

a teacher at my school, sung this song yesterday, for the end of the year assembly, and he did a few others, and hes done this song before, and i just downloaded it, and i realised how much he well sounded like "U2". the guys amazing. aaaaah mr ward :D anyways, well good song btw xxx

The truth | Reviewer: Sofia | 7/18/08

You are ALL wrong. The truth is that this song tells the real story between Bono and his own father, allthough most of the people may think is about a son telling his dad he has HIV virus.
I got this information from a site that reveals "secrets" of some songs.

One | Reviewer: sadisticon | 7/3/08

It's about the human condition and the demands imposed upon us by church, family and society. Yes, we are obliged by our commonality - blood, dna, upbringing and collective interests; but the collective forces the individual into a constant state of high stress and unhappiness. Check with Camus' "Homme en Revolte" - he's the voice Bono is replicating in his plaintive plea for isolation and unity.

Musica protesta | Reviewer: Vicho | 3/17/08

That´s how we call to this kind of song in spanish, according to the meaning I perceive. For me it means a protest against religions. Always demanding sacrifices without questions. Those religions for which people have died defending them. Those which talk about love and brotherhood but that can´t bear differences with the others out of their "faith".

dumps | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

the song was dediacated to the reunion of eastern and western germany. Though it has a further relation.... as almost every song has.

romantic | Reviewer: mario | 12/28/07

ONE... Is a romantic song that deals not off a lost one, but of your inner you....very inspiring to let you think twice when you have #%^@ up.

Fab | Reviewer: jen | 11/30/07

This is a song about family relationships if you listen carefully. We don't get to choose our family but we are still one blood. We are the same blood but not the same person. " you asked for me to enter but then you made me crawl" You brought me into the world and then made my life a misery!!

-= U2 =- | Reviewer: Fred | 11/26/07

Great song, the melody you can hear in Live at Chicago for example is wonderful. the lyrics are very good too, indeed. The song is so beautoful I sometimes want to cry when I hear it...