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------ performed by U2

I don´t like love songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

I thing this song is schmaltzy and substoff. I have heard better songs than this song one. Because this is a sad love song and I hate this kind of love songs

huhn | Reviewer: huhn | 7/25/07

That song is sooooo CORNY

The song is about a gay couple who got aids since one of them cheated on the other.

Fantastic. My heart has been playing these lyrics over and over all morning. Wow. It is very intense and moving when you feel the words and stop hearing the words.

Waiting for more. One Life- One Love

expectations | Reviewer: lizzie | 7/20/07

this song reminds me of how we often expect someone else to want the same things, especially commitment to a relationship as we do. "did i disappoint you, or leave a bad taste in your mouth...." we always seek to find out what the answer to the lack of it is. Life is not always so easy....

We're one, But we're not the same | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

This is my absolutly favorite song, but it is so hart the hear it, because it alway remember me on the controversy between my wife and my father which ends in silent for years ! Too many years !
On these silent our childrens, my mother and me are suffer, so hart suffer.

"We're one
But we're not the same
Well we
Hurt each other
Then we do it again"

Bittersweet... | Reviewer: tracy | 7/3/07

My ex-boyfriend and I used to listen to this song together all the time. Its words are deep. At times, I was happy to hear it and at times it made me very sad.

Understanding | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

I read once that Bono was surprised to hear that this song was played at a wedding because it is a break-up song. I have loved the song since I first heard it. I am going through a divorce and only now do I understand it.

hauntingly brillant | Reviewer: Calico | 6/15/07

The lyrics from this song have been playing in my "heart" for hours today. Humanity. We are all one-different, different struggles, different pains but in "need" of the love and acceptance that we all crave so desperately. No matter what color,race, creed or ethinic background we all need unconditional love. That is the one unique quality that ties us all together. A global web of love with Jesus at the heart of the masses. Our life blood.

Bono has a "message" and a platform. What a blessing. He is using his gift for God's plan.
Today- tommorrow, smile at a perfect stranger, offer a helping hand to a perfect stranger. There is no greater satisfaction in life than the feeling one gets from helping those in need.

I commend the words you send to the world Lord. Thank you for your messengers. They make listening to YOUR words truly beautious!

Hauntingly Amazing | Reviewer: calico | 6/15/07

What a message. The world's struggles are our struggles. We have an obigation to all humanity. "Agape" love. Unconditional love for the sake of loving. There is so much pain in this world. We are in a great position in life to do the right thing. Bono and the group U2 have been excellent messengers.

Fantastic. My heart has been playing these lyrics over and over all morning. Wow. It is very intense and moving when you feel the words and stop hearing the words.

Waiting for more. One Life- One Love. It's Global!

different view | Reviewer: Happy Girl | 6/10/07

Isnt this song about a man who cheated on his wife, not about god/jesus. catholic irish, so cant get divorced, she claims the pious view, one love forever, he's saying he feels differenty. They've had this argument before, he doesnt want to go thru it again (Too late
Tonight To drag the past out into the light)but has given up apologising for sleeping with another woman and now wants her to stop going on about and idealising this idea of One Love, this temple of love she has in her head which he cant get back into. And is kinda blaming her for his infidelity in the first place - or maybe just for being incapable of forgiving him and getting on with their lives.

About the song "one" | Reviewer: Jara | 6/5/07

That song is sooooo CORNY
i find it hard to believe that someone relly believes in it's message anyway...

One's meaning? | Reviewer: One's meaning? | 5/9/07

Funny how this song makes you feel...

The song is about a gay couple who got aids since one of them cheated on the other.

Has nothing to do with religion, but more with spirituality.

Imnot 100% sure but I think it was inspired in a couple who were friends with the band. REM makes a beautiful cover of it, you may want to check it out.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/07

i really think this is a awesome song and that the lyrics trully inspireres me and also it helps me when playing footie if u understand

u2 are fab

what is love? | Reviewer: pablo | 3/11/07

for me love is nothing...for me love doesnt mind...for me love is the wrost felling... this felling just dissapoint you...for me love was everything and is nothing

Powerful Song! | Reviewer: Cookie | 2/25/07

This is one of those songs that only privileged bands/musicians can produce. U2 is one of my favorites bands, and this song, with simple lyrics, touches your deepest feelings.

Way to go U2! We want more of this!

smooth revolution to change the bitter world | Reviewer: George Nee | 2/10/07

One world, different lives, different destinies.
What do these people, powerful enough, left any valuble things to us?
Is it getting better? The answer is probably NOT.
Did I disappoint you? 20% against 80%, not to late, We get to
carry each other
hurry each other
hold each other
When all we've never got hurt.

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