It's a wonderful lyric, about my life and my love for U2... | Reviewer: Marcos Costa | 9/12/07

Love and live, everything about U2 is greatest to me...
This song bring me a lot of good things.
Sorry peoples that hate U2!
Sorry, just sorry!
I love this song... I love U2!

please!!! it is a very good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

ok you can understand the song like you want to, between couples or family relationships, the truth is that this sond means something for a lot people obvius that is like a sad love thing!!

its nothingto do with bad relationship | Reviewer: oxxytt | 8/28/07

come on guys...cant u see that this song is all about the "people" not just 2 people. everyday we see pain, sorrow, killings, blood all around the world. this is a song about love among the people, that we have to carry (help) each other to stop this enormous pain all around the world... this not just a song about love, its about "love of people" ... just because they are what they are....

I like this song | Reviewer: Charly | 8/27/07

Hi people, in my opinion this is a good song, is sad, but it said a few interesting things, is the end of a bad relationship, because one makes suffer other, then somebody says stop.
Oh, the version with Mary J. Blidge is wonderfull, did somebody ear that?

Seriously | Reviewer: Niina | 8/26/07

Hey, people.Why bother writing here if you do not like the song?.There is enough music in the world for everyone's taste.I like the song, it can be serious or just a song.Usually we like songs that fit our life situations.

What I understand of the song | Reviewer: Abelardo Rodríguez-Trilla | 8/21/07

Hi People...

Although I´m not an English talker, in fact I´m from Venezuela, I intepret this song as a bad relationship between father and son. Not between couples.

What is wrong with you? | Reviewer: Laurus Lotus | 8/10/07

And so you think that because it is a sad song is not a good song. You have to see beyond the lyrics! You cannot deny your human nature and deny that YOU feel sad sometimes and songs like this actually give you strength because naturally you feel identified, you feel you are not alone on a painful moment. It is absurd to say "I don't like this song because is sad" So what then? you turn off the Tv when news about the war or hunger in the world are playing and pretend they don't exist? Because of people like you that think this way is because there are so many lonely people living together. You cannot deny, as much as you want, that you and all humanity can be sad and music and songs like this are sublime expressions of such humanity. Shame on all of you that rather step aside and speak foolishly just to cover your own ass from having the responsibility that been a human being is.

We should be more like this song, more heart opened, embrace the emotions as they are and accept that they are part of our everyday life...

Love is THE greatest thing that Humans have and part of love is told on that song, to deny it is to deny love itself, and a man that has no consideration for love should not be consider a man... it is nothing but an empty shell that deserves nothing but extermination before it poisons the hearts of others. Don't be the rotten apple...

-none- | Reviewer: Emon | 8/8/07

i would say, my opinion about this song is split, a little bit. i always like sad music, but there are songs, much better than this one.

about the song One | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

I am not very impressed about this song because its not really my famous music.

My favoriet band is Böhse Onkelz its more fun and action at the songs.

About the song one from U2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

I think this song is really sad but i like it because it shows you the truth about the end of a relationship and how he imagine a perfectly relationship in his mind. If you are in such a situation like him and you listen to the song you can understand this song better and it goes under the skin.

About the song One performed by U2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

I don't like the song, because i doesn't like these kind of songs, they are so depressing.

review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

I dont like that kind of music,but for people who like u2 and want to hear a sad song its great,its shows a lot of emotions.
I think it can help a lot

what i hear | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

so interesting how people make of this what they want. a biblical lecture? an english lesson?

what do i hear?

this song embraces an overlooked state of mind where love is lost, forfeited, or dragged against the rocks. the apparent bleeding heart doesn't need to be illustrated lyrically- the confusion, desperation, ambiguity and regretful realizations about the better, though devastatingly painful, decision ahead, drills into you. ready or not.

the melody is haunting, a pulsing heart engaged occasionaly with a bittersweet symphonic chorus, tieing up all ends of emotion and existence, life and love.

your song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

I dont like this song very much because its so sad. i dont like that kind of music, i just need to write something for my teacher because i need to learn some english

N1 | Reviewer: F4K1E | 7/25/07

Im not very impressed by this song but its awesome in its own way. I would never say that this song could help me when one of my relationships ends, but im very sure that there is someone on this Plante who likes to hear it because of his feelings. I prefer "Böhse Onkelz - Bin ich nur glücklich wenn es schmerzt" but i dont think that many non german people are listening to BO.