THE DESTROYER IS ON ITS WAY...? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/11

Does anyone know in which U2 song is the lyrics "The destroyer is on its way"? I was sure it was New Year's Day! Unless it's one of those notoriously misheard lyrics? I could not find anything as of today when I googled it.

The best song | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/7/10

I love this song. I've discovered it recently, from an old album of my father. He's the greatest fan of U2, I started to listen to their songs when I was very young. But I've understood them in recent times. New Year's day is beautiful, for the music and for the lyrics. It's spiritual, it's magic, it's silence and scream together! It's a prayer to God!

They're Irish, After All! | Reviewer: Doc | 4/23/09

Yes, the song is about Poland...but I didn't know that until recently. I'd always assumed it was about Ireland, and the hopes that the North could be rejoined to the Republic in a single state, WITHOUT war...and the fact that many such attempts had led nowhere. Families and lovers have been torn in two over that for 300 years!

subject of lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/09

Just FYI: New Year's Day by U2 was written in part about the imposing of martial law in Poland in 1981. Not the lifting of it. In December 1981 the Soviets cracked down on the Polish members of Solidarity who were beginning to organize and fight for civil rights under the Communist regime. The "War" album had already been released by the time martial law was lifted.

Angela, I love you !!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/08

2008 sucked......that's for sure ;) ( I'm sorry for being THAT blind )
It's nearly 2009....... this is my best memory ever from U2,
I like 2 share it with you and with the whole wide world. It's like we said:
2009 will be OUR year.
I love you girl, woman, friend, agent.
With all my heart, with every cell in my body.

Patrick Monsieur

The real U2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/08

U2 hasn't been relevant to me since 1992 or so, when their sense of irony turned them into (in the immortal words of The Edge, referring to The Clash) a parody of themselves.

New Year's Day is about the lifting of martial law in Poland, which resulted in nothing having changed. Solidarity was still banned and the labor movement still driven underground. This was meaningful music made by the biggest and best alternative (to AOR) rock band at the moment.

first song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

great song. quite appropriately the first song I listened to today... first song of 2008.
Happy new year to everyone.

It's always New Year's Day | Reviewer: Still Listening | 10/19/07

This one of the best songs I have ever heard as a teen. In my late 30's still I still love this song!!!! It's something about this song that you will always remember even when your sixty. I agree 100% this song should had put U2 on the map. You will never hear a song so great like every again!!!!

Last verse | Reviewer: Dan | 7/11/07

Does anybody know since when and why they cut the last verse from their live performances?

The minimalist melancholy of this song chills me down me spine!

Great song..the greatest..tops my list of favorites | Reviewer: Diana | 6/3/07

...well ..i've read the comments fact there were 4 Swedish girls on the back of that horse in the video..that's why it can't be believed to be bono&co.Anyway..stay safe listening to U2 ..Cheers!