Demons Manipulate Governments, FALSE Religions & the Masses Today, but they WON'T "Tomorrow" | Reviewer: theresa1 | 3/15/11

One way this song was used was to highlight the plight of parents whose "sons and daughters" were kidnapped, tortured, & killed in Chile during the time of Pinochet's rule.

As said though, do not these lyrics also well put grief into song for the pains and losses caused by other unrighteous imprisonings & life-damaging/ life-destroying injustices; terrorism; and demonic, animalistic, inhumane torture & murders, etc. wrought by some with DELUSIONS of "right" to do so onto other human beings?

Human history is smeared ugly with these things; but that is NOT to say that EACH person, EACH INDIVIDUAL hurt, murdered, or has otherwise had their life damaged or destroyed by a wicked-evil person or persons doesn't matter - because EACH person DOES matter; and the TRUE GOD PROMISES THAT JUSTICE WILL BE SATISFIED in ALL of the cases of those wronged - even if the workers of wickedness foolishly "think" that they are getting away with their evil or have gotten away with it.

NO act of wickedness of any human onto any other escapes Jehovah the Creator's notice - his eyes rove the earth, 24/7; and he even reads people's thoughts and hearts. And because He is good; he maintains a Divine standard of Justice, which he always insists be settled, balanced.

Soon, after the whole earth has been WARNED against the wickedness so many have worked along with "beLIEf" in their FALSE, demon-backed gods (including atheists, whose god-line just goes straight back through a haze of muddled philosophy to Satan); the only True God, the Creator, (with the assistance of his Son) WILL CARRY OUT HIS PROMISED VENGEANCE for all of the pain, suffering, and murder wicked ones have caused others. (Romans 12:19; 2Thessalonians 1:8; Revelation 11:18; 19:2) They have harmed/killed their fellow man/woman, feeling FALSELY "free" or "entitled" to do so by their LOVE/preference of spiritual LIES and their spiritual LIE-driven practices/ evil works; and also their DISOBEDIENCE to the Creator, their ignoring and/or defying his ways of truth, love, & real justice.

GOD WILL SOON KILL ALL of the WICKED ONES TOGETHER AT ONCE. God will soon kill (dead forever) all those who have NOT genuinely repented of their crimes against God and humanity, and who have not turned around to instead serve the only True God, on His own scriptural terms, living his peaceful, non-violent way instead.

For example, those who REALLY worship/obey the Only True God and TRULY follow/obey his Son Jesus Christ (like like God said to) do NOT participate in WARS, and also remain politically neutral (and NOT nationalistic), because we know that, currently, this corrupted world system is manipulated by demons, under Satans' control. WE OBEY GOD (and his Son's) orders, "YOU MUST NOT MURDER" (Matthew 5:21), ETC.

The world empire of all FALSE religion (which is manipulated by Satan and his demons, like the nations are) does not REALLY concern itself with the Creator Jehovah's standards though. INSTEAD of being loyal to God, as the Bible describes, those FALSE religions/ the FALSE religionists JUST PRETEND TO (misleading many): While feigning they are "spiritual guides", "holy", etc., THEY COMMIT SPIRITUAL ADULTERY, SPIRITUAL "FORNICATION" with "THE KINGS OF THE EARTH." (Revelation Chapters 17 and 18)

As the FALSE religions of the world and "the kings of the earth" do this, they bring "benefits" to EACH OTHER. They raise and strengthen each other's POWER, INFLUENCE, and CONTROL OVER people.

And remember, each of those entities (and also corrupt big business) is Satan and demon-backed. So, as history and the current state of the world shows us; the power, influence and control FALSE RELIGION LINKED TOGETHER WITH the POLITICAL ELEMENTS/"the kings of the earth" has exercised over people HAS VERY MUCH RUINED OUR WORLD, and HAS CAUSED CRIMES AGAINST GOD and HUMANITY - including NIGHTMARE CASES of extreme and demonistic HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES to pile clear on up to heaven, right to his face. (See Revelation 18:5)

The same major world FALSE religion sector (the ancient paganism/spiritism-copied triune/trinity idol hybridized with apostate "Christianity" much-bloodstained godhead worshipers) that gave public "spiritual" support, FALSELY "in the name of God" to empower Pinochet and his militia - to do the harm and killing they did - is the SAME sector that raised up and fortified Hitler and his Nazi regime, again, FALSELY "in the name God" - under the DECEPTIVE SPIRITUAL PRESSURE/wicked MANIPULATION that for people to NOT go along with Christendom's recommendation of these dictators would mean being "unfaithful" to God.

So, many people blindly followed their FALSE religious leaders, helping those "leaders" carry out their world-ruining political-religio ADULTERY, to the HARM (including slaughter) of mankind; and to the glory of Satan the Devil, with his main goal of SLANDERING THE ONE WHO REALLY IS GOD.

However, in God's eyes, as he warns, the individuals who choose to give their own spiritual support to the world's FALSE religions - for knowing of their BADNESS, but continuing to ally themselves spiritually with them anyway - SHARE *COMMUNITY GUILT* FOR THOSE CRIMES AGAINST GOD and HUMANITY. They SHARE the wrongdoing of giving support to and practicing the SPIRITISM, IDOLATRY, etc. those FALSE religions do; but they also stand GUILTY BEFORE GOD as SHARERS in all of the INJUSTICES - including demonistic TORTURE and MURDER - their FELLOW FALSE religionists have done and do under the umbrella/ banner/ name of their FALSE religions, their FALSE modes of spirituality.

Christendom is party to the hideous crimes of Pinochet, Hitler, the intensely demonistic crimes/murders witnessed in Rwanda, and SO MUCH MORE, for many hundreds of years. ALONG WITH ALL of the other religions/religionists/"defenders"-promoters of "godlessness" who bomb [loved ones heads & legs off, shrapnel into nursing mothers with their babies], murder [hurt, bleed, terrorize, cause grief & life-loss], rape/rape-kill [even children], torture [i.e., unjustly imprison & then terrorize/torture, & gouge out human body parts out of people (live) to sell, etc., etc., etc.], ruin/damage lives/individuals with unjust oppression, mob violence, "legal" mischief...THE LIST GOES ON... are in the same "boat" though, THEY WILL MEET THE SAME END, SOON.

They will meet their [permanent] END soon - because the True God, Jehovah, is a lover of Justice and will NOT permit wicked ones to continue to hurt and destroy good people indefinitely. NOW IS THE FINAL WARNING TIME (which TRUE Christians DO faithfully carry out [see EZEKIEL 3:17-21; Matthew 28:19,20], even though the bloodguilt-and-crimes-against-God-and-humanity-laden community of FALSE "Christians" [not wanting to be exposed as guity before God] does NOT LIKE those WARNINGS of GOD'S OWN, TRUE, ALREADY MADE, SCRIPTURAL JUDGMENT/WARNING MESSAGES of CRIMES HE WILL SOON BE PUTTING MOST OF HUMANITY TO DEATH FOR to be made known. (Unlike TRUE Christians, who globally do this warning-preaching work [as well of tell of a happy future here for obedient mankind]; FALSE "Christians" would rather STOP people from hearing these warnings of Divine JUSTICE (complete with God's own righteous vengeance) coming to earth, SOON. Sometimes, it's a pride thing; or a problem of having listened to the world's FALSE religious leaders; or of having been inundated with spiritual LIES and slander propaganded by Satan and those with him AGAINST the True God, his true words, and his true (obedient and own-named) people (as described in the Bible, as existing in this time of the end, as God's human messengers of his scriptural words/warnings).

Nevertheless, this is the time for any of those EXCUSES to dissolve, evaporate, disappear - because THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD *IS* being preached, "in all the inhabited earth, for a witness to all the nations.....

.....and then THE END WILL COME." (Matthew 24:14)

FIRST will come God's destruction of Satan's world empire of all FALSE religions ("Babylon the Great"). THEN will come God's destruction of all of the rest of Satan's world system.

In order to not be destroyed by God, persons currently still spiritually sharing in the crimes against God and humanity that have been worked by the world's FALSE religious entities (their misleading the nations with spiritism, their blasphemy of Him and His Son, their blame for persecuting those true to God, their bloodguilt for "all of those who have been slaughtered on the earth" - see Revelation 18:23,24 - and more) WILL NEED TO take in scripturally CORRECT knowledge (John 17:3) and get rid of the lies they've been taught via Satan's false "teachers." They will need to "REPENT and TURN AROUND"(Acts 3:19)- LEAVE anti-scriptural views and practices BEHIND, and start listening to Jehovah and his Son, really obeying them and doing things God's ways, as he has stated throughout his words. That leads to worshiping together with his one united global people, Christ's one united global congregation (Ephesians 4:4-6) of those who also worship God "with spirit and truth"(John 4:24); who appreciate and live-by/obey the one true religion that the Bible does describe.

That repenting & turning around, and learning and practicing God's truth definitely also entails this though, before ones worship of God can be acceptable to Him - people must LEAVE THEIR FALSE, HARM-CAUSING, COMMUNITY-GUILT SHARING RELIGIONS BEHIND. Remember - First comes God's destruction/punishment of "Babylon the Great", THEN Armageddon (IMMEDIATELY thereafter). People urgently need to learn God's purposes, and then CUT THEIR TIES and ASSOCIATIONS with the FALSE-to-God churches and religions of this world [again, aka, "Babylon the Great"] They stand condemned by God for their crimes, and their destruction by Him is imminent:


After God gets rid of the FALSE religions of the world that only FAKE "worshiped" Him, but did so much bad; and after He removes ALL of the "kingdoms" of men that now exist (and that are ALL deficient, according to His own standards)[Daniel 2:44]; then Jehovah will set up one everlasting Rulership here on earth, under which only GOOD things will be permitted by him to carry on.

He will make it like this, just as he has promised:

"Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. AND HE WILL WIPE OUT EVERY TEAR FROM THEIR EYES, AND DEATH WILL BE NO MORE, NEITHER WILL MOURNING NOR OUTCRY NOR PAIN BE ANYMORE. The former things have passed away." (Revelation 21:3,4)

After Armageddon, those that lost their lives in corrupt politico-[FALSE]religio regimes in Chile and other places will be resurrected. So will the girls/women [and boys/men] who have been ANTI-SCRIPTURALLY [without permission from God to do so whatsoever - READ: "YOU MUST NOT MURDER"], tortured and stoned to death, etc. to meet the tenets of FALSE religions of other FALSE [demon] gods.

Yes - they will RE-APPEAR (and if their parents are around, they can see them again that day). SOON, it will be, instead, the stubbornly unjust and harm-causing persons living according to [FALSE] religious LIES that they love more than God or neighbor that will DISAPPEAR forever.

P.S. U2 and U2 fans concerned with TRUE Justice, as per God himself, and the real resolution of all human rights abuses (and other injustices): Displaying huge, lit-up, stage backdrops; banners, internationally media-ed video stills, tee-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. of "COEXIST" WILL NOT HELP. Instead, to promote the continued existence of those main FALSE religions of the world (and also more FALSE religions/ FALSE-to-God forms of spirituality, as shown in the blasphemous, wrongly-called "U2 Yahweh" video) is to promote a continuation of human rights abuses, continued other hurtfully oppressive injustices to men, and continued abuse of God's purposes and spirit.

yesterday today and tomorrow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/11

As long as there is a conflict concerning human rights no matter where it is in this world there will be a disappearance of our sons and daughters. Mothers and fathers mourn with pride because we know what our children believed in was the right thing for those oppressed. Reading Lolita in Tehran will open anyone up to the emotions that have led to the middle east attempts to take the countries over from the present forms of government. Women arrested beaten in the streets by "government " officials stripped in jails and prisons and raped by the men who are allowed to rape and kill their own daughters if they "think" the daughters have gone against Allah. What in this world can we go to if we cannot have at least a higher power to protect us and our lives? This song as usual portrays the desire of U2 to make all of us aware of the pain that is brought to those left behind in the conflicts for FREEDOM no matter where they are mothers lose children to the indecency of others who are oppressors.