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Performed by U2

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I still haven't found what I am looking for | Reviewer: trish | 7/30/07

great soung and nice easy way to print the lyrics, now how to I purchase it to download?

Best song of the 80's? | Reviewer: E. Larsen | 7/19/07

Maybe one of the best written and performed of song of the 1980's?
It is still played quite a bit on radio today some 20 years after it was released.

Carried the Cross of all my shame | Reviewer: No Lunatic | 7/7/07

Lunatics, Atheists and Libs, Reality for you guys is whatever you want it to be. You want freedom from religion and freedom from God? You will certainly have your wish...for ever and ever. Jesus carried the Cross for me and Bono and whoever chooses to love Him and submit to Him as God's appointed King. Hate in not a family value...oh wait, you guys came up with that one...

The quest to see and know Jesus | Reviewer: Adam | 7/10/07

It is obvious that this is about Bono, or the writers walk with the Lord and how even though he knows the Lord he still has a burning desire for more of the Lord.
First he speaks of how he has climbed the highest mountains and scaled these city walls, ONLY TO BE WITH YOU. (the Lord)
Second he then talks about his past and how he has felt the healing fingertips the healing hand of God qwhen he was saved, then the burning desire, which I took as to KNOW MORE ABOUT GOD,
Third then spoke how he has done the devils bidding by his words "held the hands of the devil" yet it was cold as a stone."
Fourth, he now "believes in the Kingdom to Come", the return of the Lord, and speaks of his power to "break bonds how Jesus carried the cross of all his shame" and his proclamation that he is saved by "You know I believe"
BUT through all that, he still wants more he wants, TO SEE JESUS, answers to questions that only God can answer, and he wants so much to be there and see the Lord and all he is, maybe all there is to know about the Lord and he still searches, that is what
he still hasn't found what he's looking for.
The quest continues as a Chrsitian our whole life to see Jesus.

well, here's my take on it | Reviewer: skeptic-agnostic | 6/15/07

i don't really know about god, i mean, something has to have made the big bang happen but after that he's probably just laughing his ass off at how stupid we are, and how we're screwing up what we just got by sheer chance of the conditions of the rocks that collided and became the earth, and then genetic variation that got us to actually being what we now call 'humans'.

what i take away from this is sort of an idea that goes like this: "well, i've been a lot of places and seen a lot of things, because i'm trying to find the answer to a question that's been bugging me." and here's the kicker for my interpretation: to me, the line "i still haven't found what i'm looking for" does not imply a fruitless search for some answer, but a search for the question to which the answer will be found. because if you know what you're looking for, that is to say, you've found (meaning discovered) it, that answer will be one hell of a lot easier to find. that's what i get out of this song. i guess i kinda ignore the religion in it...i'm not exactly religious.

A Search for Happiness | Reviewer: Another Atheist | 5/3/07

I think you Christians are making the lyrics far more lofty than they really are. As usual if you see someone "searching" for some abstract thing it must be "God" or something supernatural.

I think Bono is just trying to find what makes him happy in his life and the girl he speaks of in the song makes him somewhat happy but still isn't fulfilling him and is searching for more. Religion isn't always the inevitable end to such a quest.

I think since he has written this song his search is far more complete if not completed entirely considering the charity work he and Bill Gates have been doing lately.

it doesn't matter who or what. | Reviewer: panacea | 4/27/07

If you look carefully you can see love everywhere it is reason we are here.... in the earth.... GOOD REASON FOR BEING...

Why is Jesus the answer? | Reviewer: Pamela Dale | 4/17/07

In answer to the question from Jose Davies: JESUS IS THE ANSWER BUT WHY IS HE THE ANSWER
Jesus is the answer as he is the *way* for us to be reconciled with the Father, but He is the 'way' not the final destination!

?? | Reviewer: john | 4/7/07

This song isn't about religion - it is about lost or unrequieted love!. The endless secrhc for someone who is perfect..but none of us are! but I do agree that U2 are more than a band - they untie us all through music and emotion. Underneath we are all the same - One love, One planet.

Someone still searching | Reviewer: Craig A | 4/8/07

The thing I like mostly about these songs is not only do they have a good and strong message, but also the Bono seems to convey his emotions as real as possible. When he sings he seems to reveal shame and heartful emotions that you can't really define.

Why i love U2 | Reviewer: Mete | 4/6/07

I've listened this song in movie called Rattle&Hum about the U2's early days. It was singed by a chorus from Harlem which sings gospels. Though i am a Muslim it really impressed me. for this reason I love U2 they can touch every heart in this very world and can show that even the color of our skins, shape of our eyes is different our heart beats in one..This what globalization should be no any other commerce thing...Peace in the World

"Be still" | Reviewer: believer | 3/31/07

Sometimes I like to drive out to a lake near by take a walk, watch the deer and; "Be still and know that He is God". The Creator reveals Himself through creation, the Holy Scriptures and through His beleoved Son.

What or Who? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/07

Love, acceptance, making a difference. We all seek these things. They are all wrapped up in One.

"I am the way, the truth, and the life..." - Jesus.

Reminds me of another songwriter's lyrics - "I don't know what I want, but at least I know that much..." - Caedmon's Call

Lost or Found? | Reviewer: John | 2/15/07

Based on the lyrics of this song, the question remains: What ARE we looking for? Climbing the mountains and running through the fields of life, endlessly searching - for what? The lyrics depict a troubled soul to me; someone who is without a true sense of direction for a true spiritual connection. This person is someone who has embarked upon an endless quest for answers and hope, but is blinded by the storms of instability. This person is lost and wants to be found, yet he continues circuitously through life trying to find that which he seeks. We tend to seek so fervently, to find "something," that we end up finding nothing. What we really need, first, is to know where we're going, what we're looking for. Afterward, once the directions are clear and the spritual storms have dissipated, the path to peace and contentment can be traveled.

A Christian Apologist | Reviewer: Jose Davis | 2/21/07

I must agree with Mr. Atheist. This song is not solely aimed on trying to convert or influence Non-Christians. We have enough of that from Evangelicals.
*As a Christian, I really REALLY can't stand Evangelicals. But hey, if that's their way of attaining a Personal Relationship with God, then kudos to them*

This song is for Christians, by Christians. This song conveys the TRUE realism of the Christian Mindset. Beautifully written lyrics.
We are all humans and we all have this natural curiosity for the unknown. "To boldly go where no man has gone before..."
Yet human knowledge alone can't find us the answers to everything in life.
Philosopher Emmanual Kant once said
"I have therefore found it necessary to deny knowledge, in order to make room for faith."

Bono is showing us that as humans we want to know. We want to know WHY the world is what it is. Why God allowed sin? Why good people die fruitlessly? Why so many religions? Why this? Why that?
Why is the world how it is?

Questions made by human knowledge.
Valid questions. Questions that are imposed by a Human.
The fear of excommunication by the Pope or the fear of harrassment by Evangelicals, by Christians who think they have the answers to everything- that is the problem with the faith.

Yes, Jesus is the answer. But WHY is he the answer?

Honestly, I believe this song can be spiritual for anyone, for any faith.
For the Atheist, this song might open his/her eyes on searching deeper into WHY they don't believe in God. Question why one doesn't believe in a God that is all powerful, all knowing, and all magnificant. This song also shows an atheist, and any one else in that matter, how a REAL Christian is. Not the Stereotypical "Jesus Freaks"
Let me say that, I believe, even Jesus gets freaked out by Jesus Freaks.
I know I would.
And since I'm Human and so was a part of Jesus
Therefore Jesus might have been freaked out as well.

This song is Bono's search for the answers to questions that probably can't be answered. But that's okay. If anyone has seen the music video, it's a very happy and loving environment- Why be distressed on the questions you can't answer? Love God's world.
As humans, we are naturaly built to question things. But human knowledge alone might not answer those questions. And when that happens, we must fall back on our faith.

"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But Let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind."

-James 1:5-6

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