Still falling | Reviewer: Ryan | 7/14/12

I don't of a song more simply sung and beautifully written. It is a hymn that I frequently hear singing around in my head. It captures the joy of being around something far greater than oneself. In the end, I hope we will all be happy falling at god's feet.

falling at His Feet | Reviewer: petra | 9/30/11

the text is great, I think we all want the same , to fall at the Feet of the Lord and stay there forever,Jesus please save us all and be blessed forever. I dream so much of seeing Him live.I mean I will be scared but the thought of falling at His Feet prevails fear

Falling at your feet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/11

Love it!

Falling at one's feet is something you do before a King..

I reckon it's true that one day all will fall down before Jesus the greatest King, maybe this is what the song is about.. I can only hope :)

Check out reference to Luke 22:42 in the last line of the song.

God's will be done!

all fall down | Reviewer: acr | 12/13/08

wonderful in both versions, but the one from MDH is slightly better. Bono's voice just fits perfect.

I fought it's about a girl too, but knowing U2, Lanois, this could be also about givig up the faith, or just asking "why..? why me? why this is happening? why now?", when you always believed in *something*, perhaps in God, and now your life is totally fucked up, your woman's gone, your job is piece of shit, nothing seems to make sense, simply all falls down.. and besides there's a hope in this song, I think. Something like "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" in 'darker' version. Or sth;)

Every Teenager With Acne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

Fantastic song from Million Dollar Motel. I always thought it was about a girl, as most pop songs are, but... looking at the last line, it seems to have a more divine meaning.

Glad U2 can tackle such elaborate themes with style and humor. The song was actually written by Daniel Lanois, I think... but wow. What a great, fun tune!