I Believe in the Kingdom Come. In the Meantime, "It's No Secret that the Stars are Falling from the Sky" | Reviewer: theresa1 | 10/28/12

Why just go by the last two lines of this song, "Bullet the Blue Sky"? A read through the rest, too, would be a good idea, to get more of the general overall meaning. Also, consider the lyrics in context of the MUSIC, the singing, and performances (by the artists) of it, because those things all add "meaning" to the lyrics - what the song became/has "become".

I don't know how old you are, but something very noticeable within especially the last 12 years or so is globalization - the opening up of the world to the world, to be accessed as it can be, but also more seen for what it is (and what it has been). "Information sharing" (and what that has facilitated) has shared A LOT - both the good, pleasant, and lifesaving truth; but also testimony to the truths the "man has dominated man to his own injury"; and that we do need the scripturally promised perfect Kingdom government from Jehovah/Yahweh and his Son to be extended down from heaven to Earth as this planet's only ruling entity. And we need that SOON.

We need the Creator to fix this mess, for real, for what men (paying attention to the teachings of demons, instead of God) have done to this world, and to each other. There is no government or grouping of governments (or other organizations of men) on this Earth capable of permanently fixing - for all - the critical level problems that exist, that rob and ruin the lives of so many, and that threaten the existence of everyone now alive.

This IS the last part of the last days of Satan's world system (the world political, corrupt commercial, and false religious, etc. system under the Devil's control/dominating influence) and its characteristics and effects are exactly how God described they would be - creating "critical times, hard to deal with" (2Timothy 3:1-5,13); and being deficient and overrun with people behaving wickedly towards others.

So, the spiritually-logical thing to do then, would be to put one's trust and hope to actually fix this world, feed the hungry, cure the sick, bring justice, end war, rid the world of evil, etc. in that same God - who also says (promises) that He absolutely wants to and will do that for obedient mankind. (Daniel 2:44; Isaiah 2:2-4; 25:6-9; 33:24; 65:17-25; Psalms 46:9; 37 and 72; Revelation 21:3,4; and so much more.)

The way to "vote for" that Kingdom come is to seek to learn more about, obey, and be loyal to the Universal Sovereign Jehovah [Yahweh] and His Son. (See Matthew 6:10,33; John 17:3; 3:36)

Also, the ideals of having "love for one another" and loving one's "neighbor" as oneself do not consistently exist among people in ANY country on this earth. Those ideals are, instead, trademark (as Christ said) among his true followers, true worshipers of his Father - true citizens of God's Kingdom; and that grouping of persons is found among ALL of the national groups of this earth, without division.(John 13:35; Luke 10:27)

"Outside" is the world in general - and there, it is a situation, yes, of "Love, shine like a falling star, falling from the sky...tonight" (from "The Fly", by U2). That song piece reflects, with allusion, the scriptural prophecies that in our day, "luminaries" (things people have trusted, as "guiding lights"), would "fall", their "light" would become dim; and that "the love of the greater number" [of people] would "cool off." (Revelation 8:10-12; Matthew 24:12) The "love" of many has dropped off, fallen, as something to trust in.

U2 did ride the tide of globalization, the waves of internationally mass-media-ed music, and I think they realized that. But with the taking those surfboards comes great responsibility. Can't just go crashing into [holy] things, etc.

"In a locust wind, comes a rattle and hum. Jacob wrestled the angel, and the angel was overcome" (from this song) - lines that, in themselves, along with the (even greater) scriptural thoughts they allude to - I have very much appreciated.

A hug from Bono to America, lovely tribute | Reviewer: Coarsegoldgirl | 10/25/12

It's no secret that even with America's flaws Bono loves how generous and charitable American citizens are. People in other countries have been supported with food, medicine for generations without Americans loving souls millions would starve to death. We are called the bread basket of the world because it is true. We all should feel proud and love our country for the very positive light we shed on a strangers life in need. America has many more pros than cons love each other and yourself for caring about others in need. Peace be blessed, Lisa