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UM? | Reviewer: Taylahh | 3/27/11

Hi, my name is taylahh the first time i saw you was in Taylor Swift video. i think it was..? cant remeber. but anywayz .. jus wanted 2 stop by: hey if u need 2 kno anymore things about me juss Add me @ (: thankss

Hellz yeahhh | Reviewer: Rawann Nassar | 12/1/09

Tyler is amazing, and although i already commented i must add that [ i just wanna leave traces of me on the internet, for when after im extinct] he is incredible, and has come far in the last few years....looking forward to more

So Amazing | Reviewer: Danielle | 8/26/09

Tyler Hilton is one of those artists who deserves so much more recognition than he is getting. I saw him live last December and he was even more amazing live. Request his songs on the radio so he can get even bigger =)

ahhh ! | Reviewer: claire | 1/12/09

i love tyler hilton soo much! one tree hill is my favorite show and when i found out he was on it i loved him even more. hes such a good musician. i realllly want to meet him! i hope he becomes a huge star. =)

"ravanne & shawkat" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

rawanne and layan will be opening a fashion industry in the year 2020. it may be called "ravanne & for all u others out there, watch out!!!! cuz we're 16 now, but we'll conquer the fashion world by storm!!!!

Tyler u rok | Reviewer: Rawann Nassar | 6/16/07

Tyler is by far the most unforgettable celeb out there. And I should know. I think he has sharp and attractive and his voice and musical freedom is to die for...I only hope that some day I can share my singing talent publicly and make my dream come true too...Your greatest advocate...

now on tv | Reviewer: jenn | 2/20/07

tyler hilton has always been a star and now we get to see him showing his stuff on one tree hill and then in walk the line what is next. tyler hilton is my new rising star

Best voice ive heard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/07

i first heard tyler hilton in one tree hill and thought he was amazing so i decided to get all of his song and they are all great i would recomend him to aboslutly anyone.
his voice is one of the best ive heard and so sexyy lol

Tyler is so talented | Reviewer: Caitlin | 10/4/05

Having worked with Tyler in the past in one of his High school plays, I can say from expeirence that Tyler is an Ah-mazing Actor and Singer. Hes a great guy and a sweetheart. Go buy his Cd "The Tracks of" in stores everywhere. He deserves the best and Im proud to say we share the same hometown and High school. Good luck on your journey to stardome, Ty. you deserve every minuete of it. Never stop preforming and Know that we're all rooting for you at home.
Luv Always,
La Quinta Highs next big star, Caitlin

Soothing but Lively | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/05

Tyler Hilton is THE best singer/guitarist i have ever heard. His music is the best I have ever heard. He has the most soothing but lively voice i have ever heard. The songs he writes are just so personal. I lent his cd to a friend and she said she was going to go get it as soon as she could. I would recommend his albums for anyone anywhere.

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