A new fan of Twiztid | Reviewer: Heidi | 1/28/11

I have listened to almost everything out there by ICP and have done a ton of research on them and discovered a few things. Now I listen to ICP (mainly) Twiztid, Dark Lotus, Boondox, and now BOO Clan. You guys all fucking rock! I hope you guys will continue on with your music for all of us to listen to. MMFWCL to you all!

mmwcl~twiztid is tha shit | Reviewer: ashleigh deckard | 4/2/10

I love twiztids lyrics.. Now I love listening to icp to release and vent and laugh, but I could for sure relate to twiztids music a bit more... Plus my personal opinion the words used and the articulation just impresses me so much... And I love their shows.. The last two in anehiem, ca... Hell yeah! I have mwl for all ya'll though and the fago shows icp throws is insane I go home soaked after its done..... Much love to all! Looking forward to june 7th when they gang will be back in calli to give a fago shower! "what is a juggalo...? Thats what it is well fuck if I know... What is a juggalo...? I don't know, but im down for the clown and i'm down for life yo'! " "i'm the juggaluggalocoroni...." "we never die!"

it aint your buisness | Reviewer: Nate Burgher(akaShadowZ) | 3/2/10

honestly you have no buisness crying about trying to get twiztid's albums go online to hatchetgear.com lets use our brain damnit all you people do is bitch as for trying to make twiztid go mainstream they dont want that because their music was never about making money so shut the fuck up brittany shields thats right this shit is directed at you listen to their song superstar then think about what you said peace im out motherfaucko mcl wicked clown for life cant be fucked with

please read if you find the time | Reviewer: Brittany Shields | 2/13/09

ok well you have probally herd this from alot of people but i'm a big fan of jamie madrox from twiztid and icp......i would lik it if their music could be play on tv and their cd's would be out in the stores i dont think its fair they should have their say so in it.....i try to find their cd's all the time and never find not even one so i think its only fair if they have a say so....

Wheres the face paint? | Reviewer: Elizabeth Glenn | 10/1/07

I wanted to know what monoxides face paint had ment because i am doing a research project about him and boondox and i cant find shit.