iz that really twiztid... i like it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/11

when i 1st huard thiz song i did not belive it was twiztid 4 some reson... but now if my mom (who lovez like rock, and not ANY knid of rap) asks what i listen 2 i can show her and she wont get mad!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! MMFWCL!!!

thoughts | Reviewer: Kaizie | 2/23/10

2 me this song was pointed to the world ( bigots,richies,haters) stuff lyk that lyk all theyve felt from the world is darkness n then the carnivale came around n jus lyk many juggalos and lettes they felt excepted

Fucking great!!! | Reviewer: Felicia | 1/21/05

My boyfriend first played this song for me and I thought it was just... haunting. These guys are at their best in this song and I recommend it to everyone, it doesn't really classify under any specific category. Just a great song.