Reviews for Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr Lyrics

Performed by Trivium

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longivety | Reviewer: mute | 5/28/07

when these guys came to the big day out festival in new zealand it was the first time i had ever heard of them and have been captivated since

awesome ablum | Reviewer: benjamin | 5/20/07

ascendancy is easily the best trivium album and pull harder [in my opinion] is the best song =]

Trivium Vs Metallica | Reviewer: Ninjitsu | 5/18/07

Although I fucking love Trivium i still reckon Metallica are better. Thier solo's are just that little bit better than Trivium's. This song does kick ass though.

OVERRATED | Reviewer: Eggs Maledict | 5/18/07

Trivium are a textbook bland...I mean band. They are generic metal; generic riffs, generic drums, generic bassline and generic vocals. There is no inspiration or creativity in their art.

Good on them for cracking the mass market, but they're not fantastic, they're not pioneers and this song is a good example. The lyrics only demonstrate an ability to copy the work of others, though admittedly they do this well and show a synthesis of the work of other bands.

Wrong Lyric? | Reviewer: Taylor | 5/14/07

is it just me that has noticed, but i don't think it says Annihilation your masturbation

Unreal | Reviewer: Amanda * | 5/14/07

Great song from an awesome album. I thought Trivium had it all but then they went and brought out Crusade. If you have Ascendancy and are considering getting Crusade.... don't. Leave your Trivium experience on a high.

Amazing | Reviewer: HarukaHavok | 5/5/07

The feeling in his voice is incredible. He sounds truly tortured, but that's what makes it good. ^.^

Duh.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/07

The error in these lycs is common in almost all of the one posted for this song, I am not going to point it out, its funny to watch people look for it.

But other than that awesome song, just amazing.

your face | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

awesome drumming, epic riffs, monsterous solos, i love this song to death

awesome song | Reviewer: tom | 4/21/07

good drum solo at the begining great use of natural harmonix by corey in one of the riffs but i prefer the singing whitch isnt screamo

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