Very spiritual, inspirational | Reviewer: Anthony Smith [Tony] | 7/22/14

This song has a lot of positive messages in it, To me it uplifting. I don't see no harm in mentioning the Good Book, they're not saying go to it but, it gives me strength. AS my title states it us inspirational for me. I hope someone will hear this song that maybe going through something find this song helpful for them.

Good song | Reviewer: Andrew | 1/23/14

I understand that Triumph had some degree of christian faith, but having heard a number of their albums, I think their christian faith simply inspires a more personal belief which they share in their songs. They don't try to be saints, they sing about rock 'n roll and "worldly pursuits" as well.
Frankly I dislike when devout christians try to hold up bands that might have a little christian influence and say "They're christians!! They're christians" and sort of claim them as their own. If you like heavy metal then take the good with the bad I say. Don't just listen to stuff that is christian or has a bit of Christ in it.
I enjoy this song. Well written, energetic and inspirational. Yes Rik does mention the good book, but so what? Even as an unbeliever I can admit that the NT has some good lines in it. It doesn't hurt the song for me and it doesn't make me feel that I should be taking "the good book" more seriously. It's actually the kind of song I'd like to show friends of mine who are christians, as an example of someone preaching a good positive message in a good way, inspired by christian faith.

Fight The Good Fight | Reviewer: Mike Kent | 8/29/13

This is one of my favorite songs to lift my spirit when troubled by the worries of this world. Recently things have become very uncomfortable and frustrating at work with much stress and back-stabbing and animosity going on. This song helps me to stay focused on always doing the right thing and to not get discouraged, but realize that God is there with me and will carry me through this day and over to another and better job soon as long as I continue to fight the good fight every day.

saving grace | Reviewer: michelle | 3/21/13

This song has been my saving grace on many a bad morning.I am a teachers assistant at a special education school-and some days are a long uphill battle.I try to fight the good fight for them and myself every day...

35 YEARS LATER | Reviewer: LEE | 11/15/12


Salvation in the name of Jesus Christ Only!! | Reviewer: D WASH | 5/12/12

Referring to some of the aforementioned comments, I have never heard of any other book described as the "Good Book" other than the Bible. Sometimes we are in denial of the obvious because the truth that may come our way may just contradict our personal beliefs, rather than truth. Jesus said that He is the Truth, The Way, and The Life, and no man can come unto God the Father, unless they come through Him. Therefore, Jesus is the only way to God. There are obvious Christian implications in this song. Let's stop playing it off and pretending that it's not. Regardless, of spiritual beliefs, it is a super rocking song!!

Ears to hear... | Reviewer: E Jones | 4/23/12

This song, randomly done by musicians that had no 'real' understanding of what was being accomplished through them, were giving music to those "with ears to hear" something to listen to that would inspire and strengthen them to "keep up the good fight" until the time prepared in advance. The time that they are meant to be ready for so that they could help save whatever is left worth saving of humanity.

The time is short...

Elija Jones

Everyday | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/12

I have lived my life by this song. I replace the words you and we with I and it means that much more to me. Every day we go through challenges and making the right choice is hard. We are here on this earth to do the best we can. One day we will be with God and I want to know that I fought the Good Fight down here on earth. Because he loves us and will never forsake us.

Triumph--to rejoice in victory! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/12

after reading all the reviews of this song I am struck by how much influence these words had on so many, myself included! I agree with most, but find the ones that believe that the lyrics have no GOD in them only show their deep fear of finally admitting that there is something bigger than them. They use the most demented logic to twist it into what makes them feel comfortable. It's just a positive song or go for all you can in life, etc. As one reviewer eluded to, just be honest with yourself, nothing this world offers you will ever satisfy and only death will be your reward (or worse). You were created for something more, something infinite, eternal--"just take a look inside your head!". Stop fighting a losing battle, Be real and see there is more and start fighting the Good Fight!

Karen | Reviewer: Karen | 11/11/11

I am dedicating this song to my son Danny. He is a senior in high school this year and his football team is vying for the state title this month. The quarter finals is tomorrow! Ironically, this song came out when I was his age. I loved the song then but really appreciate the message even more now! Awesome tune!

1 and 2 Timothy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/11

The lyric to this song sounds like an interpretation of 1 and 2 Timothy where Paul is giving final instructions to Timothy before he is executed. On a performance on Youtube Rik Emmett introduces this song by saying "from the immortal words of St. Paul, Fight the Good Fight" I think the performance was last year in Lockport NY. Great song!!!

1 and 2 Timothy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/11

The lyric to this song feels like an interpretation to 1 and 2 Timothy where Paul is giving final instructions to Timothy before he is executed. I saw a performance on Youtube where Rik Emmett introduces this song by saying "from the immortal words of St. Paul, Fight The Good Fight". It was about a year ago in Lockport NY. Great Song!!!

Fight the good fight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

THis song bassically gives me the message of : fight for what you want in life dont let the dark of life consume you go for toward the light . You decided what you want out of life no one els . ANd when your livieng this life you have to give and not just take and take . Also the good stuff in your life doesent come with out paying a small price and money dont by happiness .
I love this song .

very inspiring band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/11

you all miss the point - God has written this on all of our hearts . Its only when you get quiet and truly let down the false pose that we hide behind that it comes out. Look around at movies , music etc . Doesnt have to be a christian artistor producer. A common theme runs in all of us - you can deny it or embrace it. you can take your questios to the women,work ,alcohol, money, hobby, education etc or take it to christ! he is always waiting!

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/11

I agree with the Boss Song comments... This song is more about humanity rather than religion. You don't need a religion to follow goodness, it is natural within us.

Anyways, im discovering this song again at age 35, I last heard it when it was released. So im freaking out about how awesome the lyrics are because i was too young to understand anything back then LOL!!