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Performed by Triumph

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Perfect timing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/09

I remember this song from the 80's, but heard it again yesterday on the way home from taking my brother to alcohol treatment. WOW! I am sending him the lyrics. What an inspirational song. I pray these words will inspire him as well. It's funny how God sends you just the right message when you need it.

God Used Your Powerful Voices! | Reviewer: Julie | 11/26/08

I had heard this song many years back and always loved it, but recently, actually only a few days ago, my cousin passed away. I kept hearing just the first part of this powerful song in my head and could not figure out what it was, but I knew it was a message being sent to me. I finally searched my music and there it was! I played it and cried! It's a message of hope, peace and doing all you can to help others. It's so inspirational I don't know why it has never been used in churches and on all paths! Thank you Triumph for being used of God and delivering a very important message to all of us! Your willingness to fight the good fight has given wind to my wings once again...

clear message | Reviewer: lavig | 3/4/08

the lyrics are so strong and clear. fight the good fight every day. Do the right thing and you will be paid in the end. powerful message of doing right, by god, and your own heart and soul. life is simple, give all you can, do what your heart feels, love god...then teach your children the same....
i use the lyrics in training sessions and discussions about accountability in the work place. do the right thing, everyday.

timeless masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/08

I incorporate this song into my martial arts training. I receive nothing but good energy & greater inspiration. Its message serves an empowering purpose to all who hear it. Thank you, Triumph for this incredible timeless gift.

Please Listen | Reviewer: Zigfried | 10/12/07

Excellent composition and lyrics with a positive
message. Music of today is whiny and negative.
Definitely inspirational to anyone. Needs to be
more music like this. Brings me back to a better
time. Thanks Triumph

a teens salvation | Reviewer: tina murch | 9/26/07

I used to lay on my bed and listen to this song over and over. I was a troubled kid with a unhappy home life, this song sent much encouragement into my life at a time when i really needed it through music my true escape. when I hear it now it gives me chills and I realize GOD is speaking the same message to me 2day.

awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

This album came out during my late teens and has brought me great memories of my late brother. Thank you, Triumph, for being a big part of our lives

There is such a thing as magic | Reviewer: Dan | 7/28/07

A remarkable and powerful set of lyrics wrapped in a hard hitting rock song. Age and experience has only confirmed the truth of the mantra. This song made a substantial impression upon me as a young man, and gave me the courage to follow an unconventional and adventurous path in life, which has made all the difference. I in turn, am able to have a positive impact upon and inspire other people. Accolades and gratitude to Triumph. Your work has made a difference.

Power for Strength | Reviewer: Princess | 5/9/07

I'm a recovering drug addict. I fight the disease of addiction everyday to stay clean. There is a message I recieve when listen to this song.. I have copies of the lyrics to this song inside my home and in my car. The read the words every day more than once. The power of strength they give me to fight this battle are incrediable.
Thank you Triumph for the magic power I recieve from this song.

AWESOME CLASSIC! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/06


radest song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/06

the best song of all time. I cant believe this song hasnt been reviewed. Jesus we are doomed!!!!!!!!!

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