RESISTING TEMPTATION | Reviewer: bodecia | 2/9/11

this is the message i get from this tune. the price i'm paying now by not giving in to something i know is wrong in God's eyes. but my reward of eternal life will make it all worth while. the answer is in my heart. i don't like it, i fight every day not to rebel, but i know i'm doing the right thing. but that's just MY opinion.......obviously we are all blessed with analytical skills and these skills lead us to the choices we do the right thing, or not.
having said that, i will now say that i wish i was retarded! lacking analytical skills...........but that's just me................

Just Maybe | Reviewer: Robert Shannon | 1/31/11

Actually this song came out many years ago; written by Mr. Rick Emmit.

All can stop debating; The Band Triumph was the 1st Christian Rock Band; they were originally brought together as young adults by their Minister so that they could follow those trapped misic desires but be steered away from the pitfalls of the Rock & Role Life.

They had a few good songs, many very inspiring and if you listen real close you will always hear that faith and love for music and God that they shared.

... | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/2/11

I'm pretty sure it is partly religious, since good book nearly always means the Bible. But I don't think the song is necessarily about God, just about living the best life you can...i find this song very inspiring.

Look again! | Reviewer: C.G. | 12/28/10

This song was written for or inspired by a band members family member, or a friend of one the band memebers who was terminal with cancer.
Dont be so fast to dismiss the POSSIBLE religious meanings.
Its funny how everyone freaks-out about religious feelings! "Oh no, someone might believe in GOD and actually show it in song!" Why does everyone try to dismiss this? Some mucians may actually believe in HIM!
Maybe the GOOD BOOK line was meant as the BIBLE? Be afraid!

Boss song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

This song is way too boss. All you people talking about religion need to chill it. When he refers to "the Good Book" I think it's safe to say that he is not talking ONLY about a single or even a handful of religions, but about social norms in general. The majority of people out there understand and believe (whether in theory or in practice) that kindness is 'better' than greed.

To me, that's what this song is about. Taking matters into your own hands and cleaning up this world one kind deed at a time.

Not all religions equal | Reviewer: Joshua Zambrano | 9/29/10

Religions contradict in their fundamental beliefs about who God is, how we reach Him, how we find meaning in life, etc. Therefore, they can't all equally be true. The laws of logic say mutually exclusive contradicting statements can't be equally correct. There can't be many Gods and just one God, or eternal life only through Jesus and through other means. Those which contradict can't be equally correct. Just can't stand that fallacy Mikel is referring to. This is a great song though.

Think about it.... | Reviewer: Mikel | 9/15/10

Pretty much all religions/philosphies/ideas/etc. exist in book form, somewhere. There are a ....load of "good books" out there, and I think most of them are positive on charity, generosity, hopitality, giving in general. It's one of them UNIVERSAL ideas. And a D@#m awesome song. ;-)C

Inspiration for the Teenage | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/10

Well, I was a teenager when I listened to this song for the first time, it had a big impact on Me, My native language is spanish, so in those days was hard for me to understand all the lyrics, but the music and particularly the chorus inspire me to work harder.
Now I've been a psychologist for 20 years and I regularly talk about this song to troubled teenagers and encourage them to find the meaning of the song, and they (just like I was) usually become "infected" with this outstanding song.



By the way, I never cared about any word on religion.

medicine for the spirit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

I remember listning to this song years ago, and now that I'm older, it's meaning is more powerful. It's basically saying :whatever happens in your life, don't ever give up,no matter how dark and miserable the road ahead of you may be.

Give it a break, religious nuts! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/10

You DON'T have to hijack everything you think applies to your god and religion! This is just a really rockin', positive song with an awesome message. STOP bringing god into it all the time! Just be happy for a song that makes people feel positive! "demonic possession"?!? WTF?!?

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/10

I heard this song on supernatural ( yeah, shame on me, i know. I just didn't know about it before) and maybe that's why it has a different meaning to me.
But to me it is not religious only because the good book appears there. To me , it talks about the fact that a human being cannot obey into everything. You can not do everything you are asked to do by your ... divinity, it is against nature. it takes you to despair. you can only do your part, and your part never seems enough.
So you rebel . so you take your destiny in your own hands. there is nothing "written" for you. you decide what and who you'll be.
I wish I could be like you...I wish I could see god in everything, I wish I could believe. maybe I can't. Maybe this is why this song doesn't talk to me about him.

One of the ALL TIME BEST! | Reviewer: Moofinator | 2/20/10

I don't think you have to be RELIGIOUS to appreciate the lyrics, but it will spark the SPIRIT in you and make a positive impression if you are open to it. I know it did me at such an impressionable age.

This song came out when I was in high school and I became a big Triumph fan because of positive songs like this one. I sure wish my kids had good songs to listen to on the radio like this as they grow up.

This song rules! | Reviewer: Jammin' Jeff | 12/22/09

I'm not a religious person, or maybe I am and don't know it. All I can say is this song is just so positive and just gives me a special energy. I'm the type who always tries to do the right thing, treat people with respect, etc., and this song is just an affirmation of that! On top of all that the music just rocks!

Words to live by -especially now. | Reviewer: Nobela Merican | 12/2/09

Way before their time with this song. It is perfect for today as it was when they came out with it. It explaions everything you need to know to survive the demon possession that's going on right now across the world. These are the end times and take a look inside your heart-you know it true.Just pray for the world and pray for the people in government around the world that their demonic possession ends now. The devil is hard at work everywhere. Fight the good fight everyday,make it worth the price we'll pay. EXCELLENT SONG.

i needed to fall...reo speedwagon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/09

excelente musica voz sentimiento....esta es una de mis preferidas no solo por la no tambien por su excelente potencial..musical...gracias triumph...espero que sea verdad que regresaran a dar conciertos al rededor del me lo perderia por nada...los estare checando...rik...espero que si...