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the real kind :-* | Reviewer: cheryl | 1/22/10

Hey tremaine, just stopping by to say that I love your music I listen to you everyday through out the day && every night I go to sleep listening to your voice,well idk what else to say so I guess ill go now. I love you;)

crazy about trey songz | Reviewer: shufa muvaneza | 1/2/10

hi trey i know you dont get to read this a lot but just incase you do i would like you to know that i love your music it inspires me a lot especially 'i need a girl'i hope one day you will do a collabo with me because i love to rap.hope to hear from you soon.your biggest fan shufa

hey Trey - Songz | Reviewer: mrs. harris baby | 12/22/09

Hello Trey I love listen to your music and you is cute to me. Your new song panty droppa and neighbors know my name I love. I love thw rest to but I like them the most. So does the peole in my house

i really like trey songs vidoes | Reviewer: shawngeorge25 | 10/3/09

yo hommies . am shawn from ghana . i really like trey songz and rick ross track this is the life . i really love that video and i love songs video too . i need trey songs number abd his email address so that i can chat with him cuz i love him as my friend my lovely brother my every thing . my yahooid is .. pls yahoo puplils pls try to give me trey songs number and his yahoo id pls .. try hard cuz i love him and trey songz is my every thing .. bye.

A Supporter | Reviewer: Faith | 9/25/09

Hey Trey I thnk u r very sexy nd talented.u r like an inspiration to me u could say. I go to school with forest and I appreciate u being real nd coming to see him instead of being to busy. Keep killin dese otha artists nd i will keep bein dere nd supportin u bein a big fan...Mucho Amor

* Trey Songz* | Reviewer: Jasmyne | 9/18/09

Hi Trey u are my fav r&b male singer. I like your style and your music. Also, i like some of the mixtapes u did. I'm planning to buy your new album "Ready". I would love to go to one of your concerts one day!! lol. All i want to say is keep makin it pop lyk Bam Bam. lol :)

TREY ,I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

I've been a huge fan of Trey's for some time now and the more i watch him perform i get attached even more...he has came to my city(STL)twice this summer(summerjam concert and concert @venue) and he blew me away each time...he put on a dynamite mans go hard ....although i felt like neither time was long enough...I get mesmerized and dont want to come to the turning point....keep up the great work Trey and you will always have a Supporter!!.....I LOVE YOU TREY!

tremain aldon neverson | Reviewer: kenya | 8/27/09

well let me begin...trey songz you are the most attractive man yet to be!!!! i love && adore you man...its like u got a spell over me wen i hear ya voice its like you have all control over my body , mind ,nd emotions......all ya songz are GREAT! no one can be compared to you...i think your better then R Kelly......nd your my favorite r&b artist i have each and every one of ya albums......nd ill be their ready for your new on READY!!!lol but love nd respect is all i have for you....pretty girl kay i s wat they call me i love u trey

Trey Songz | Reviewer: Samira | 4/12/09

Trey Songz is so amazing! I adore and look up to this nigga so much! So handsome, But i wish he would come to London more often man, the concert with J.Holiday was too dont knw how to say it, but it was short and we didnt see the best of trey!

Love him so much X

He's only my man | Reviewer: Sha-ray-ray | 4/2/09

Hey Trey boo,
I just want you 2 know that i love you so much. Dont listen to what these other gurls say b-cuz they aint talking bout sh!t. They on that lil gurl stuff. Im on something real. Next time you come to MEMPHIS. Umma show you what in talking bout...
Love your #1 fan and wife,

i love trey songz sound and style | Reviewer: Porchea | 10/13/08

hey trey wats good boo i wanted to let you kno i'm your number 1fan too i think of how it would be to date some one like you but age aint nun but a number and dreams do cum true i kno boout busy and want evr get to read dis but i'm speaking real true shit excuse the lanage but i'm, doin me i jes love to here rap and sing i dnt kno if u can dance but i kno u good at wat u do but thank you trey songz and i love u and your music to

Ur #1 fan | Reviewer: Kina | 9/26/08

Hey trey i love your music and i love everythang bout ya. And u r da sexiest bull im attracted 2... so here is my luv to u

From ya # 1 fan ( NOT STALKER)
KIna xoxoxo

mrz.angel | Reviewer: tata | 8/2/08

hey i really love him i went to his concert and everything.Me and him took a picture and its laying on my bed so everytime i go to sleep i know our right there!!!!!!! thank 4 the day i will never 4 get ,and i may never see u again and u may not get this message but thank you

Hey Trey | Reviewer: Dezz | 7/2/08

Hey Trey, I jus wanted to say congrats on yo fucha. I am really proud of you cuz u r my favorite singer and I really look up to ya. Sometimes I like to sing, but it doesnt sound right. I really like yo song "Missin' yo kisses". Well keep yo head up and I love you. I know u luv yo fanz.

A special friend | Reviewer: Tira | 5/20/08

Trey I just wanted to say hi. I find your work extraordinary I do believe you are the fresher R.Kelly, your music is similar you guys can sing about anything and make an hit.I am a big fan,if possible could I get a chance to meet you in person just to get to know your personality and were you stand as a person in life,if not try to find yourself writing me even just to say hello. Oh I almost forgot congrats to your success and future work!

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