Pivotal band | Reviewer: Ted Hermary | 6/10/13

More than any other artist, I credit The Tragically Hip for the Canadian music scene now being the best in the world. Seriously. Unlike the Canadian stars who came before them, the Hip felt like a small hometown band who became famous purely through their talent and hard work. Before they broke, pubs and clubs were drowning in crappy canned music (and way too many mullets). After they broke, those places were filled with talented kids playing their hearts out, dreaming of becoming the next Hip, and enthusiastic crowds hoping to catch the next big thing in their early days. That scene's continued to this day, which is why our country's sick with good music. The Hip orchestrated Canada's first nation-wide outdoor touring festival (Another Roadside Attraction). It was sadly short-lived, but was one big reason why there's now a slew of outdoor summer festivals across the country. The Hip's legacy goes far beyond recording a pile of great music.

With retro radio overplaying those same six Hip songs, it's easy to miss what makes their music special. I can't think of another band who so effectively blends accessible blues rock tunes with artsy, cryptic lyrics. Maybe some stuff by the Stones and the Doors, who the Hip covered in their high school band days? With few exceptions I really don't know what the lyrics mean, even ones for songs I've heard dozens of times. (Does he mean New Orleans is literally sinking, or is that a metaphor for music?) But Downie delivers his words with so much conviction I figure they've just got to mean something pretty darn important, and I love trying to figure out what that might be.

A voice for a generation? | Reviewer: Hugo Santana | 10/30/12

Walk down the street. and ask... Canada's best bands.
The Guess Who, The Hip...... Nothing left to say.
We have a number of bands that belong in here.They are just one. these rock.

To Truck | Reviewer: Hip-py | 10/14/12

Been listening to rock since early 60's. To me the Hip are the best Canadian & certainly one of the best bands world wide, I have ever heard. Almost every album they have ever put out can be enjoyed all the way thru. Rush is good but they are 80's alt/arena-rock. BTO simply sucks! Simple music, simple lyrics, crappy instrumental breaks. Hate "Taking care of Business" & ever since Randy Bachman played 12 different versions of "These Eyes" (Guess Who) on his Vinyl Tap show I head for the dial to change stations every time it comes on. I would rate Rush & BTO 3rd & 12th respectively. The Hip play real, straight up, ass kicking rock.

Masterful Musicians.. | Reviewer: Lorianne \ 8/31/12 | 8/31/12

The Poems.. JFay is a Hands down solid.. Gordy melts.. saw the band in Htown early 90's at a hole in the wall the Caberet Voltaire..Slayed me and my husband.An Extremely Memorable Night.
Looking forward to Plan A. ?

Hip the best band ever? | Reviewer: Truck | 6/16/12

Before you chastise me, remember that I think the Hip is a wonderful band. They have a very unique sound and are VERY good musicians. That being said, I not only do not believe they are not the best band ever, I believe they are not even the best band to come out of Canada. "Rush" carries that torch (by a mile), and the Hip and BTO are duking it out for 2nd place.

from highschool days | Reviewer: J Satterley nee Locey | 10/13/10

just breezing thru to say that i too was born in kingston ontario(now living on outskirts of napanee) and i went to highschool with 2 of the members...gordon downie but he was a few grades ahead of me ,plus Johnny Fay who was in same grade...i remember when they played the highschool formal in 1985,seems kinda mind boggling that they are now some band that alot of people all over know of...best of luck in your future endeavours guys

100%Canadian | Reviewer: mark steier | 6/2/10

I can't beleave all those great bands during the Vancouver oylimpics and No hip this was a tragic thing for me I can't get over this . The hip is such a huge part off canadian history when once upon a time you could walk into a bar and you would be sure to hear them rocking away atleast one tune maybe a whole album(90-99)thats happen to me also.... So hey Gordy if you read this get off your ass and play some tunes thats why you are on earth I fully and completly beleive this ..
.Big fan untill under the sand

Yes, They're From Canada | Reviewer: David Joanisse | 1/2/09

With references to small-town life in Canada sprinkled throughout their work, the Tragically Hip are as much a part of Canada as the maple leaf, the loon or the beaver. But what makes them Canadian is that they don't scream it but mention it in passing, so that the inevitable response is, "Oh, you're from Canada?" They're the best thing to come from the Great White North ever, musically, but if you aren't careful, you're liable to miss them, like the Aurora Borealis, if you aren't outside at the right time.

makes me homesick | Reviewer: Patricia Johnson | 7/12/07

moved to california and whenever i hear the hip it brings back great memories when i lived a single life back there doing the concert tours....i've seen them many many times and when i return for a holiday i would make it a trip when i can see them again...best canadian band since the guess who....

das hip | Reviewer: Blair McDonald | 7/7/07

well i don't know where to begin....the hip...the boys from kingston...they have the biggest following of any canadian band to date...have ben compared with the gratefull dead in fact... what can i say..the boys freaking are amazing...if you haven't seen them live then u gotta period...been following for 17 years and seen them 9 times...will be 10 in Sept. 07...Halifax

The Epitome Of Amazing! (Not Vague) | Reviewer: Lauren | 6/23/07

The Tragically Hip is the absolute best band I have ever heard. It is not even competition against the new hits of this century. I've always loved older, richer songs, but when my dad showed me their 1989 album "Up To Here" I literally fell in love with each song. I even performed "New Orleans Is Sinking" infront of a live audience which boosted my confidence. I owe a lot to The Hip, especially my inspiration to write better poems, thanks to "Poets". Each song is lyrically crafted, not just mixed together with a prayer hoping that it is a hit. Their songs are art. Their voices are articulated with such cautious recklessness. Lastly, the instruments are the echo of the band: Spectacular. I cannot believe I spent my first 15 years without them.

Hip From Day One | Reviewer: Steve | 4/26/07

I came across a radio station back in the 80's that played the Hip for the first time and new from then these guys were going to be awesome. I am also amazed that they don't get the hoopla other bands get that aren't so great. The Tragically Hip will be one of those iconic groups that only grow with popularity as time goes on and note some one-hit or one-album wonder.

Sideny Crosby | Reviewer: brock | 4/17/07

I think you shouldnt boo him at hes games becaues its not fair. thats bad sportmanship. pleease tell the sems to stop booing him when hes the best saint Sidney

Amazing | Reviewer: kwinton | 3/28/07

the hip are amazing they should be considered the best rock band of all time

Unbelievable Band | Reviewer: Todd Baker | 2/26/06

I cannot understand why hese guys aren't as big as The Rolling Stones or even The Beatles. Every album has AT LEAST 3 huge hits which I'm sure will be listened to for the next 50 years. In addition, each album is listenable from front to back, every song a good one.

The hip don't look for fame, they just pump out great tracks. They are a band that will probably be more recognized after their retirement then before.

If your looking for some good songs to get you started, try some of their more "commercial" hits like New Orleans is Sinking, Nautical Disastor and Bobcaygeon. After that, get Road Apples or Up To Here, and just listen to the whole thing all at once. If you do not like them after that, check the quality of your stereo.