Seminal group from the turn of the Millenium | Reviewer: Ben Keyzer | 5/3/11

Tragedy Ann was terrific rock group. They progressed with every album they did.
It is criminal that they don't have a Wikipedia page. Will have to correct this! They mixed serious issues with light heartedness. Rock with melodic sensibilities. Country with hard rock n roll.
The band that proceeded them was called Sometime Sunday. They were even better with a sludgy grunge sound that shook the Christian Rock Market at the time (mid nineties). Their two albums Stone & Drain are must have's for any self-respecting grunge aficionado. What makes them extra special is the comedy tracks at the end of them - hilarious mock interview with a 80's Metal Band 'Skullhead' from Drain is lol funny.
Tragedy Ann was more mainstream & for me personally a little harder to get into. But I still like to make a CD best of for the car! They also funny hidden tracks.
Also check out the Star Wars band Twin Sister that was a side project.
'everyone says we're a metal, we're not a metal band. Sound garden isn 't a metal band so we're not a metal band...yeeeaaahhahahaha' A quote from Drain comedy track bonus phone messages!
End of message..