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Performed by Tracy Chapman

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thank you | Reviewer: kim terella | 12/9/07

my beloved scooter died suddenly two years ago this Feb. 28, 2006.Occasionally I feel myself needing to see her. I need her to know that momma still thinks of her and that she is safe, that I love her...Secretly, I am able to send these message to her through the music of this song. and I want to thank tracy for helping me to grow. I will always cherish your music.

She Ignites me.. | Reviewer: Tylla | 10/1/07

Tracy is Tracy.She makes love with her songs, she gives th efeeling through her songs..The most honest lover i've ever known..She loves life, that's why her songs give us life..

ABSOLUTE TEARS! | Reviewer: angel | 9/27/07

"when i heard the song, the first time, i hugged my husband right away. it felt like a renewal of a love that has been sleeping for a while because of so many circumstances...he cried, i cried..
i love you tracy chapman for all your songs! this one i love the most!"

what a Song.. | Reviewer: archangel | 9/15/07

i can really relate to this song..bcoz it's the song my bf sang 4 me before he left.8 makes me cry/bringing back those memories..looking forward for new songs of yours..mwah!

our song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

the first time i heard this song it made me cry already. i've listened to it many times now and it still make me cry. my boyfriend and soon to be husband loves this song so much. its our song.

my sweetheart | Reviewer: christabel | 8/17/07

i see this particular track as the best love song is so brings alive old and loving memories to me.keep up the good work.Tracy,you are really a sweetheart.

Wicked Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/07

I first heard this song when i went to see tracy chapman live at birmingham,she has an amazing voice,what you hear on a song thats what you hear live,her songs have such meaning to me thanks Tracy

Julian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

Brilliant song! I used this song as the soundtrack when I put together a powerpoint slideshow for my brother's wedding. I started with the bible verse "Let not that which has been joined together by God be parted by man." I showed photos of him and his wife in very similar situations throughout their lives as they grew up, eventually meeting and showing photos of them getting to know each other and ending with the words "to be continued".

This is such a romantic song

For everyone who has loved & lost | Reviewer: C | 4/16/07

This song put me to tears that would not stop flowing, if only I knew than what I know now.

The Best Song!! | Reviewer: Samantha | 4/10/07

This is the song that I listen to whenever my boyfriend and I cant talk online. He is in London right now so it really helps me out when I miss him the most. Thank you so much Tracy!

so pretty!!! | Reviewer: kim | 4/10/07

I love this song. It makes you think of those who you left but still love.

i lve this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/07

this is y boyfriend and my song!! thanx Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!

tracy chapman | Reviewer: Amelita | 3/16/07

This is my song
It makes u think about the loved ones that passed away

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