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if not now then when,,,,,,,,,,,, | Reviewer: thulani b nkosi from south africa | 7/22/14

not only this one but all your music comes with high and never ending message. i love your voice and your style. it always takes me back to high school days with my principal,,,,,. i hope to see you coming to perform these song in the country soon. god bless you and your family...

an amazing artist | Reviewer: Ildo A.Nuvunga | 2/5/14

Tracys not just a singer,`cause almost everyone can. Shes an amazing & explendid artist. I actually adore her performances,although I havent seen her personally. I wish at least she comes to Mozambique once. Id realize my dream.

No word for you Tracy! | Reviewer: Nina | 1/23/14

I love your songs and actually you too because you are the mother of all those amazing songs my dear Tracy. when a music comes to my mind you comes to my mind. I don't know how to say but a love you Tracy and wish you a long life.

You touch my life everyday | Reviewer: Nforche Gerald | 11/19/12

tracy, if there is someone blessed with a voice, blessed to do music, blessed to touch the very soul with the voice, youi are that person. i dont just know how to express it but hen i listen to some on your songs, i burst with joy like i am entering a paradise.
i remember the first time i had an MP3 player called Discman and i will listen to your songs with passion and passion and the headphones just the only gap between me being swallowed into the virtual world. I love you like a mother and a true one for you have touched me more than ii can express.

you are my rock | Reviewer: jemal | 10/28/11

i can't explain. i don't have word you r the best singer in my live . i listen music but i can't sleep with out hearing ur song.i love 3 singers in my whole live tracy chapman aster aweke and the legendary yemane gebremikael
i hope i am going to listen from u new album i am waiting to hear song from u like some thing to see i wish u tracy long live

Great stuff | Reviewer: Renee - Kenya | 11/14/09

I used to hear "Talking about Revolution" on our local FM stations and had no idea that there were other great songs, but when i got to hear the other songs.... it was so great. keep on gal. Your songs have a deeper meaning

she's the best | Reviewer: theblueoak | 10/16/09

i am from India and didn't have much exposure to the western music but when i heard her for the first time , i found myself connected to this kind of music. The lyrics are great , the music is great and her singing is beyond words!!!!
All the best to you , the world is fortunate to have a singer like you.

Encouragement | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/09

Well Tracy, i think words can't tell the way i believe in what your doing as a musician, you are a musical monument today, because you keep working hard and harder everyday,remember we love you and we shall always be there for you good luck and all the best.

Song: "The Promise" YOU ARE REALLY INSPIRATIONAL TRACY! | Reviewer: Fondzenyuy Emile-Ernest | 6/19/09

I couldn't believe in the first place that you are a woman not until I did some research on you over the net! You have an amazing voice and that I love very much. Anytime I listen to your audios I am incredibly moved by your lyrics especially in "The Promise!" In fact, I don't really know how to tell you that you are a wonderful woman with, according to me a "man's voice! And that is the amazing part of it all-I love it. Best of wishes Tracy.

You mean more than you know | Reviewer: Nicole | 5/7/09

I just have to say what exactally Tracy's music means to me. When I was 9 my father died in a horrable car accident and I remember him always listening to Tracy. So now that i'm older her music has a special place in my heart and makes me feel so close to my father. I would like to Thank Tracy for putting out such great music that is really timeless. I am now 26 and I still listen to her and it doesn't matter what song it is I know them all by heart. Thank you

i love you Tracy | Reviewer: master magabane | 10/22/08

i remmember for the first time listerning (she's got a ticket) early in the eithies that where, i know that she rocks the world keep on going with the good work you do. and the almighty give you & your crew power to continue, i your big fan from south africa.

you are wonderful artist | Reviewer: Femi David | 10/14/08

you are the best artist in the world because you inspire me in many ways..ohh girl continue and God will continue shower blessing in you and your family are amazing

femi from Nigeria

Truly Classic! | Reviewer: Aug | 7/8/08

Truly Tracy Chapman's music is inspiring, I met a gal (now my wife) while driving on a highway with 'Fast Car' playing because i only listened to her music when driving over and over again. Its timeless..Thank you for the music Tracy

A real pride! | Reviewer: Balla Keita | 6/30/08

I really enjoy listening to Tracy's music since i was a kid!
She's is all my pride! She sang for poor people, that's unforgettable!
I wish you Tracy a long life and permanent life!
Best to you!
Balla from Mali!

TRULY AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

I could listen to Tracy Chapman day and night. It is really a blessing to have such an artist in the world. Thank you Tracy.

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