Different Thinking | Reviewer: Rodrigo | 2/5/10

I respect all of these interpretations, but i think the key of this song is in the last phrase:

"Much better you than I"

Of course Maynard dont like and dont think humanity likes to see other persons dieing or suffering, but each Man just prefer other to die than himself to die, "better you than I".

In a certain way he says how valuable is to live.

Of course this is my interpretation, all people have one different.

Keep it Keanan!

Vicarious Visions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

Personally, i think that maynard tried expressing the way society reacts towards tragedy, which has obviously been stated in previous posts. There are millions of people that live off of tragedy, and they will go at great lengths to find it. It's commonly found at a workplace or school, where drama thrives.

Nikolai | Reviewer: F | 1/2/10

While I respect your right to voice your opinion, I'm a Diest, read the Bible. God made us, but this Devil corrupted us. Thus implying that God is good. A god can't be human, 'cos if he/she/it was he would not be counted as a deus(God), but a Demi-God. But your opinion IS good though. Still, keep on freethinking brother, don't close your Third Eye.

An atheist bringing it a religious dimension. | Reviewer: Nikolai Hannevold Koritzinsky | 11/26/09

In many religions people believe a god has made the world. Why did this god made the world this way? Why are all human partly evil like many have mentioned. Maybe god is also partly human, maybe he also - to a small or great extent - enjoys the pain of others like we humans.

Personally, I am an atheist. But this suddenly popped up in my mind. And this might be a very good reason for religious people to deny this part of human nature.

My thoughts on it | Reviewer: Beyond | 10/10/09

I think to fully understand this song, you have to read the lyrics and watch the video.

The body in the video without skin symbolizes what is inside. The glass flying around shows his reflection and as he watches the things around him crashing down, he sees himself and realizes how much he enjoys watching things be destroyed. Its almost like it should have been a normal human but the writers removed the skin so you could see how all humans really are.
The body represents not just a single being, but all of humanity. Then you are taken into the core of the being, where oneself would be revealed and as the clip progresses it appears to be a never eding maze.

true | Reviewer: dae | 8/25/09

I think his personal opinion is expressed in the song...

Credulous at best your desire to believe in
Angels in the hearts of men
Pull your head on out your hippie haze and give a listen
Shouldn't have to say it all again
The universe is hostile, so impersonal
Devour to survive... so it is, so it's always been

I dont think he is refering to himself liking all the tragedy and death but he is making a statement in general about humanity as a whole. our past, present, and future simply speaks for itself. Credulous at best for you not to see the truth.

one of the most powerful songs i have ever heard...

tHEcollector is a dumbass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/09

As I scroll down, and read all of the intelligent responses people have posted, I stumbled across one of the worst musical interpretations I have ever seen.

tHEcollector actually thought Maynard was being SERIOUS when he wrote this song.

it is SATIRE. it is SARCASM. He does not really mean that he loves watching people get blown to hell and babies dying in their mothers arms. It is a song about what our mass media has become, and is continuing to evolve into. It is about our sick need as humans to watch other people suffer for entertainment, because we know that it will not effect us.

Do you think that the song "Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden was serious too? Do you think that both bands are comprised of Satan worshiping freaks? If so, you are a dumb-ass.

This song has a much deeper meaning than that, and it showing what our society is becoming, and has a gloomy outlook on humanity, and is one of the best pieces of poetry I have ever seen.

Keep it up, Maynard!

vicarious the name says it all | Reviewer: sely | 6/29/09

this song to me is about the need for people to feel something by watching others live through the deatails. the references about the tv and all that, eventhe name says it, vicarious, when he says "frown out your one face, but with the other stare like a junky into the tv" we watch news and movies and reality shows, and more shit sometimes apalled at what we see but we keep on looking and asking for more, because maybe we as people need these things to feel like we have some type of overall existance or something, anywayz basicallhy we're just voyeours, whether we like it or not we will keep watching some one suffer without turning the channel, to get a sense of or feel what the person is feeling.

The Message | Reviewer: Jason Sinkovic | 4/19/09

It's clear and simple. Humanity is corrupt, society is unjust. Human nature thrives on death, greed, jealousy, lust, tragedy, etc etc.

It's a rather mellow song, but Maynard is absolutely right.

"Credulous at best your desire to believe in
Angels in the hearts of men"

People have this false idea that there is some good in the worst people, but sometimes, there isn't.

This song is about self realization as well as realization that there is no happy ending, there is no peace, there is no justice. And because of that, humanity is doomed.

... | Reviewer: victor | 4/1/09

yes this is musically one of the greatest contemporary groups out there with some of the most original music out there. Vicarious is a great song with great time signature ideas and some cool melodies. However, one of the most interesting elements to their music is their lyrics. I personally view this song as saying that everyone has a part of them that is dark and evil, no matter how big or small, or rather it be sexual or violent or whatever it may be. The point is to understand and accept this, and live life correctly without that part of us interfering. He is saying human nature is to deny this and call the person who presents this idea. I feel like he's saying that we all are wired partly the same; we all are partly like monsters, and in nature, we are enjoyers of pain. Because it's largely extremely small, even small enough for it to be not worth mentioning, we all interperet it according to ourselfs. He says our universe is cruel. This is because of the way we can darkly interperet death of some person. We all feel that this is bad but we only interperet this and subcomciously assume that all other living organisms are the same waym. Perhaps the universe is or is not so cruel. Anyway, great song. This is just my take on this; it's interesting how he bases the song largely on human interperation and leaves us to interpret his interpretation of mankinds narltural interpretation. I wonder what maynard had in mind for the actual message behind this...

I don't know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/09

this is one of my favorite tool songs, musically more than anything. my interpretation is that to feel better about yourself, you have to watch others die, or screw up. i personally don't feel this way, so we all can't admit it if it's not true for everyone. but i see how it's trying to speak to those who do feel the way the song describes and just aren't owning up to it, but i definately don't see how that's constructive. how is it helping anyone to admit that you're a dick who likes to watch others suffer? but i guess it's not trying to help anyone, just trying to convey a message, which it does!

a simple thought.... | Reviewer: Needles | 1/2/09

Not to downsize any other opinions; my view on the song is quite simplistic. I think someone has touched into it but, I think the whole song is set from a perspective of the general audience. This idea in itself is simple, but is portrayed using elegant and elaborate examples that show the complicated and intruging side of a basic dimension of human nature. The last line "much better you then I" is just an extention of the belief of how on television we see truely horrific things, and find ourselves sitting down to watch them. In other individuals, this accident is perfectly acceptable entertainment until a simillar situation is imposed upon us. At this point we see that the person on the television isn't just an empty face, but a real person-just like us. This is often overlooked through the natural vicarious attitude obtained by staring into the tv, and praising death or as so elegantly described "sing to the death rattle" and this is what we just can't seem to admit.

Brilliant in ways. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/08

I agree that a majority of america is dependent on violence and sex in movies. In fact, the dependence of some humans on violence is a reason our troops are overseas. However, many of those movies also have good plot. Also, I don't need sex and violence all the time, as the song suggests we all do. On another note, this, musically, is one of the best songs I've heard from Tool. Keep it up!

incredible. period. | Reviewer: big b | 11/5/08

The song has very little to do with the way he personally views the world compared to the message he is giving about the way others see it in general. Sure he mentions how he needs to watch things die and all that, But all i can read when i see that is the way young people today are raised on violence and sex. How many movies are now considered GOOD that DONT have someone getting blown away or a hot chick spreading her legs? mass media is overrun by all this stuff, and its to the point that if we dont see blood and gore and cum and crap, where not satisfied (in general). and as soon as anybody mentions something moral like "no sex before marrige", he is a freak! This is social commentary at its best, and the whole song is incredible. good work tool.

You people don't get it, which might mean you get it... | Reviewer: namelessme | 11/2/08

The other day I was watching a video of bikini bandits in france and in the video maynard and the bikini bandits were, in a subtle way, sarcastically making fun of french people.

All sorts of comments by users to the effect of 'french people suck' began to emerge. They were of the belief that maynard and the bandits were making fun of french people.

They were too dense headed to realize they were making fun of them and their unfounded, totally unjustified hysterical hatred for french people. This is the language maynard speaks in.

Vicarious is a song about you more than it's about wanting to watch people die. Period.