Hmm | Reviewer: Backrow Observer | 12/15/07

I agree with what puscifier said, also you all have to remember that lyrics are written and left vague on purpose so it will relate to listeners in all sorts of different ways. What you think Maynard 'meant' differes from person to person.. because we all have different lives and different struggles, and powerfull lyrics such as Mayanrds' hit home on what is going on in your own life. I'm not saying Maynard doesnt mean his lyrics a certain way; I'm simply saying that it will relate to things other than exactly what Manard ment it to be, because of the listener's interpretation of how the lyrics can be applied to their own struggle and life.

wow | Reviewer: seraph | 12/3/07

tool has to be one of the. . . there isn't a word to describe it! who know's were maynard comes up with his songs, but this one is so true it's scary! i'm a christian and to me maynard says he hates God and everything but to me it seems like God is very much a part of his life. i'm not too dense minded to say though, this song rocks and maynard has the best voice i've ever heard!:)

tool. | Reviewer: angel | 11/21/07

one of their best songs. we all watch things die. their wouldnt be such a strong significance to life if there weren't death. :)
i love Tool. ;]

interesting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

not specifically about the song, but it serves as a good example. i find these discussions very interesting, and the diversity of viewpoints they encourage should be an inspiration to critical thought everywhere! good stuff...

no one knows | Reviewer: leon | 10/28/07

no one knows what tool songs are about, i doubt even manyard does but they effect us all weather you listen to them or not.

puscifer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

How dumb all of you are :) This song is about you assholes! About you who write here, like if you knew something, or if you could jugde our dumb all-shit-swallowing society, which you are part of too. You are a monster, a zombie, all of us. There is no conspiracy here. It's just the evolution of mankind, became dumb lifeless meat in the sofa, playing PSX and watching TV. We can now extinct, there is no need for us anymore.

I think tool songs are about self-criticism in some way. Which is not?

My veiw point | Reviewer: joel | 9/23/07

I believe the song vicarious is about our own sadist view points. We like to watch atrocities we cant turn awake form train wrecks we feed on it. "like blood to a vampire" This is also about how God is forced to obey the same things. This is why people die.
The universe is hostile because its entertaining it is what defines us and how we react to these things. For good or bad.
The universe and our world included would be very dull as a Utopian one.
"Vicarious arousal occurs when someone witnessing a strong display of emotion begins to feel a similar emotion themselves. This reaction is a large part of what leads to empathy in humans."

vicarious... | Reviewer: sallin | 6/29/07

also this can be anti-war song... something about that bush sends soldiers to war and watches them die from distance...just a guess

vicarious | Reviewer: turbogirl3535 | 6/17/07

Stare like a zombie
While the mother
Holds her child
Watches him die
Hands to the sky crying
Why, oh why?
'cause i need to watch things die
From a distance

This song talks about a lot of things
If you think about it he's making a statement about religion. The woman's baby dies, she cries out to he sky aka god and asks why, he replies cause i need to watch things die from a distance

nothing | Reviewer: Courtney | 5/15/07

nothing can describe how brilliant Maynard is. all his tracks...not just this one...hell not even just with this band...but every one of his songs are just...fucking amazing!

porte a réflichir | Reviewer: renaud | 4/26/07

tres bonne chançon ki fait réflichir(comme toute lé tounes de TOOL). non mais c vrai, pourquoi avons nous toujours été aussi sadique tout le long de notre évolution.

about Vicarious | Reviewer: Andrew | 3/13/07

amazing song with such a message about the way we as a society conduct ourselves with what we watch on tv with all the negative imagery we see especially on the news and some reality shows its easy to see why Maynard would point this out to us....amazing song too :)

...Amazing | Reviewer: Boner | 2/15/07

Simply amazing. Simply simply amazing.. wow.

Great song | Reviewer: Bacon | 9/29/06

It is a long song. I love the use of instrumentation. The interpretation of the song is powerful. One of their best works.